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Peasants are inept to understand This is a glaring fact and is proven everyday. The latest call by Lim Hwee Hua to raise taxi surcharge is the most effective and practical solutions to get taxis running on the road again. Peasants just cannot appreciate the real meaning behind the proposal. How so? The current rate is too low, so too many calls and all the taxi drivers have no problem taking one call and follow by another in quick succession. So why should they be so stupid to drive around and burning petrol dollars? The surcharge should be raised to $50. Then only those few who can afford to pay for the surcharge will call. Bet you, the calls will drop to 1%. And all the taxi drivers who think that they will can get continuous calls will think twice. For they may not even get one call a day. tan ku ku. And when the calls are not coming, and when they have to pay the rentals, oh yes, the rentals must go up also, they got no choice but kuai kuai ply the roads and rush for passengers. Then they cannot afford not to drive the taxis and wait at home for calls. It will create a real buzz on the roads with taxis zigzaging every where for passengers. I support the $50 per call surcharge.


Matilah_Singapura said...

You all better have a look at this.

Apparently there is money missing from the trough. Oink, oink.

Auditor General's Report — Millions Missing

The people get the government they deserve.

Serves all you assholes right for handing over the keys to your country and the sovereignty of the people to The State.

I'm so fucking pleased. My prediction for the eventual total collapse of this fascist state is well on track!


Matilah_Singapura said...


Once upon a time, in a universe a few MRT stops away, a common man asked a "state official":


Anonymous said...

One can think of many factors that may have likely impaired the quality of our taxi services.

And there could have been many ways to solve the taxi queue problems, raising surcharges seems the easiest solution and you dun need a high caliber person to sound that out.

A sensible person should study the overall situation before implementing an important policy.

Anonymous said...

Issuing more dormant licences is a worn out idea, the economy has picked up, and taxi drivers are lured by less tiring jobs. A more creative solution may be to bring in foreign drivers in order to ease the headcounts.

Turaikiller said...

To solve the problem, we need a completely change of Lta & transportation top managements as well our self claimed elite ministers.

Look pap foreigners policy, senior local ended up become cleaner earning less $400/months worst than a maid with free hostess, transport & meal. The rest ended up be the chauffer (taxi driver), driven crazy to paid rental so how to improve service oriental & worst till a lot doesn't know our small dot map, a lot do not know how to drive passenger to their destinations, end up passenger become navigator to lead them to their destinations, so do you think they deserved for extra surcharged. Now the property is booming so more are changing to become property agent to earn better commissions. Therefore, they should allow & encourage those jobless PR to take up taxi licence in order to fill up the shortage.

Similarly to our smrt, most of the times, you are told that the train will be terminated & the operator will act rudely blow whistle on every passengers to get out the of train, then wait for another 10 to 15 mins, the packed train then arrived, the armpit-smell from our dear new immigrants u know which races, the heat & stuffy especially now the weather getting hottest than ever, the aircon seen doesn’t work at all, I am very worry if this going to be carry on without improvement the consequences would definitely worrisome.

Instead of adding more containers so as to solvent the crowd during peak hours where existing got six carts & put up more trains on trail so that cut down the waiting times then it would at least encourage more peoples use their public transport. But they make it access to more places (recent plan & undergoing upgrade project) & do ours current train capacity can hold such a huge population. Our minister still stubbornly ignores public feedback – trains waiting too long, too crowded during peak hour, difficult to get taxi at town etc.

Can we ask our ministers, do they know what public transport main is for?
Is it all about economic issue more important than social responsibility?

redbean said...

i see, you don't agree that money can solve all problems. at least we have solve quite a lot of problems. for sure our quest for good quality ministers is solved. we will be getting better quality ministers soon.

at every price you get a certain quality. If $2 or $3 million quality still not good, can raise to $5 or $10 million. then the problem solving ability will change. it will be $100 surcharged instead of $4.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of our government aka the gahmen who managed to make Singapore the world's number one legalised corrupted nation.

Isn't we should proud ? We have a Hitler dictatorship abeit no live is taken. This by itself should enter into genius world of record !

The greatest miracle on earth. How on earth did LKY manage to lie for 4 decades plus without been caught ?

He is far greater than hilter !

Anonymous said...

Why don't they allow another really private taxi-outfit to run taxi servies without any Government connected companies/Unions involved and let them compete freely. Maybe that will solve the problem. Otherwise the ideas and solutions that they have are just the same for everything. Increase this, increase that, to cut demand.

redbean said...

everything is relative. the new world is quite different from the old world. today, it is the ability to convince the people and carry them with you. anyone who can do that will achieve greatness.

durai was on the path to greatness in nkf. he convinced practically all the singaporeans, great and small to believe in his vision.

it takes great talent to win the hearts of the people to support whatever one wants to do and to do it successfully.