The pathetic fight against 50c

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng stopped patronising the mee rebus stall because it charged him 50c more for a plate. This to him is profiteering from the GST rise. Didn't he know that all the cost to the mee rebus stall holder has gone up? To expect the stall to charge a 2% increase or 4c more is not only impractical but not enough to cover all the other costs. The stall holder is not only affected by the cost of his material but also cost of his livelihood. His rental, medical, children education, transportation, practically everything has gone up. He needs to earn a little more to make his living manageable. Now what is 50c? I am sure it is affordable. This is another way of looking at the current situation from one whose pocket is stuff with money.


Anonymous said...

dun worry, no profiteering will be allowed!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you complain they will tell you not to patronise the stalls that raised prices and look for a cheaper place to eat. That's all our highly paid decision makers can say. That's ancient logic.

redbean said...

that is a good advice. then there will be lesser crowd and i don't have to queue for it : )