number one is relative

I posted about the world number one civil service that we have the other day. It is indeed number one in many areas. But sheeples are still sheeples. They take orders, implement to the best they could, without questioning the rights or wrongs of their policies. They are easily managed and controlled to do the works they are expected to do. Recently we have Ngiam Tong Dow standing up to question some of the govt policies. Sounded damn enlightening and refreshing. But sheeples are still sheeples. No question when swimming in champagne. It took so many years when the smell of champagne were gone and forgotten before he regained his questioning ability. The CPF issue is a case of great concern. Doesn't the civil servants know that it is the people's money and the people has a right to decide what they want to do with their money. And the civil servants may not be questioning, but this does not mean that they cannot think and understand such a basic issue. They are our brightest and it is insulting to think that what we can see they can't. Would any of them be brave enough to stand up and tell the minister, 'Sir, the CPF money is the people's hard earned money. It is the people's property, asset. We cannot suka suka decide for them how long we want to keep their money and how much we want to return to them. This if fundamentally not right. We are violating the right of the people to their money even if we pass a legislation in Parliament to allow us to manage their money anyway we want.' If only our civil servants have the conscience and righteous mind to tell the ministers that they cannot go on with policies that are fundamentally wrong, then we can really say they are the best in the world. The civil servants must work for the interest of the people. The Ministers may also think that they are working for the good of the people. The intention may be good. But the end does not justify the means. The people's money is the people's money. No two questions about this. When would the civil servants stand up and say something about this? If it is money taken from the national reserve, the people will not have any say as to how the govt want it to be distributed.


Anonymous said...

When every Government department gets politicized, the result is total obedience and by the book.

That is why they have to get rid of opposition supporters in the civil service because these people will not obey blindly. Try putting Dr. Chee in NTUC and he will rock the boat.

redbean said...

i don't think govt dept are politicised and neither did they get rid of opposition in the civil service. these things cannot anyhow say without any proof.

just remember, prostitution is the oldest profession. and it is hard to decide the rights and wrongs of prostitution.