nkf story - pointing fingers

Why pointing the finger at the OA? Or at least it seems to be the case. Or at least the OA has felt it necessary to come out with figures to show that running away by bankrupts is a common occurrence. The figure did showed that the number of bankrupts escaping is on the rise. Many of them are of no significance or of no public interests. And the OA also admitted that most of the cases that were caught were due to tip offs by the public and whistle blowers. In the Richard Yong's case, there were no tip offs. The people who were helping him to quickly disposed off his properties or buying his properties did not see anything wrong with the transactions and also should not be blamed. It is just a natural cause of events. People should just live with it and should not read too much into its other implications. This is my view as I wanted to be generous on a Sunday morning. And definitely it is unfair to blame the OA.

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Anonymous said...

They just have to come out with something to mitigate the damage. Just like highlighting how much some hawkers earned, or how much Wee Cho Yaw earned, right after the minister's salary increase. It's all propoganda and damage control. Have we not learn anything from the years of reading between the lines?