nkf story - let's be forgiving

Thomas Koshy wrote an article in Today asking many embarrassing questions about Yong's disappearance. And he was being polite, and so are we. We should all regard the whole episode as a Singaporean joke and laugh about it in private conversations. As for the culprits, I sense that there is this great compassion in all quarters to forgive them. So let us all forgive them and pretend that nothing happened and continue to live life as it is. No more funny questions.


Anonymous said...

Yes, forgive them. Better still forget lah!

Anonymous said...

B U T.
But before we forgive & forget. Must get them, pursue the culprits. Bring the shame to a conculsion. Longer the better. More dramatic the better.
Or else now nothing to do mah.
Go out everything co$t money. We're hardpressed with news of tragedies happening to Singaporeans daily..
Sian mah.. ;P

Matilah_Singapura said...

It ain't a matter of 'forgiveness'.

It is learning a lesson that if the govt "protects" certain private interests—especially those which claim to be "selfless" in its service toward humanity...


redbean said...

yep. the outrage may turn into a wrath.