nkf story - is it over or not over?

Thomas Koshy wrote about the closure of the NKF saga with the jailing of Durai. He questions whether witnesses in court who flip flopped in given evidence should be charged for perjury. The case of David Tan was a glaring example that prompted many questions to be answered. Would the NKF saga spawned another saga? I think there is a bigger saga about the whole case. Or there are many sagas that the people are watching. Many are very cynical about the whole saga and how the events developed. But many are not saying anything except behind closed doors. It is better not said and not heard and pretend that everything is alright. All settled and forgotten.

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TuraiKiller said...

3 months jails for Durai are just too light & not able to convinced public, that culprit should deserve at least 3 years jail sentences plus heavy fine.

Therefore, to send a strong signal for those people who are in top management & rich to be more humble, serious & not misused their power again public right as well as self interest.