NKF story - Is Durai a nice man?

I have to address this issue after Matilah got so worked up by my posts. Would anyone say that Durai is not a nice man? He has good look, charm, he is charismatic, intelligent, position and power and a maverick. How many supertalents in Singapore can stand near him and look good? And physically he is simply tall, dark and handsome. He could be a movie star. He must have a lot of secret admirers too. But his being nice must be matched by the company he keeps. He has friends everywhere who admire and worship him. And his friends are not the ordinary illiterate and ignorant Ah Kow or Muthu or Ahmad. His friends are all the who's who in Singapore. Anyone who is not nice and attractive and celebrated will not have such luminaries as friends. And not that he has no friends at the lower levels. All his staff and colleagues were mesmerised by him. They regarded him like god. Then the beneficiaries of his organisation, they will kiss his feet. Now, is that enough to convince anyone that Durai is a nice man?


TuraiKiller said...

Hi RedBean, Majorities in power are 1)far sighted,2)greed,3) hypocrisy,4)ambitious, 5)self-centre, 6)arrogant, 7)cunning & or course 8)intelligent, this are the main factors to achieve their dynasty & power. He definitely falls into some of those categories so lead him to what he deserved it.

The person like him are definitely a bad quy just b'cos he is too hypocrisy to concealed himself that we thought he is “nice man". Remember, himself getting so much still make himself claimed OT pay, allowances & employed so much Indian foreigners so call “FT”, & told he staffs not to claim OT pay, he indeed a extreme hypocrisy & self-centre person. Or course, there are more to define his characters.

No Mercy, justice is a way to punish those fuckers deserved to be punished then the world will have peace, no war, no politic, no rich & poor, no global warming....

redbean said...

hi turaikiller,

would you agree that all the 8 items you mentioned are relative and depend on individuals and which side the individual is in. normally if the individual is benefitting from it he will not recognise it as greed or hypocrisy or whatever.

only the losers will see it more clearly. and that is also a brutal truth : )

Anonymous said...

Just like Marcos, those who benefited from his handouts during his term, ie. his cronies, will generally say he was a good man. A lot of people in the Philippines still supported his wife. You are absolutely right, redbean.

Anonymous said...

Wow, redbean U write a post in response to what matilah said ah? Dunno when I also can say something and you feel compell to give me blog-time heehee.. ;P

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

now i dunno which anonymous i am talking to. now you know why i have difficulty trying to talk to one of you. just call yourself anything. wait, wait, not anything. you watch that advertisement? anything is just as confusing.

give yourself a nick and it is easier to address to one another.

now every anonymous would think i am addressing him.

TuraiKiller said...

So after all he still a bad guy isn't it, confiscated all his wealth then after jailed sentence kick him back to motherland-India, let him feel how bad to be sick & poor. I think that is best way to teach the culprit a lesson.

Hence, to send the signal to those who tend to be power corruption & prevented some more bloody sucker in our innocent red dot society.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, I'm honoured that redbean has taken the trouble.

I thought the issue was settled. Apparently not. And apparently I'm not the only one getting "worked up". Well that is good. I like "energy"—because at least it tells me the individual concerned has BALLS and PASSION, and cares enough about HIMSELF to give a fucking shit about this life. (Most people don't, They're essentially walking corpses)

Sorry to be picky, but before I start shooting my foul mouth off this time, I want to avoid shooting my foot, so I'll begin by defining my terms.

So, how would I define "nice" as used in the context I used it in this post. "Nice" is such a weak word, but it can used in many different situations.

For e.g.:

1. You kick someone you dislike in the balls, your friend see's it happen and congratulates you: "NICE one!".

2. You meet your ex, and in a moment of delightful sadism you tell him/her: "Gee, I never notice how fat-arsed you are. Have a NICE day!"

3. Your ex and/or the guy you've just kicked in the balls decides to seek revenge, and swiftly proceeds to assault you by kicking YOU in the balls. But, alas, you are prepared for the incursion upon your person, and you deftly side-step their kick, but in the same motion you "pasang kaki" (trip) their other leg. Since they are momentarily off-balance, and with forward momentum, they fall to the ground. Just as they do, you bring your knee in the path of their fall to strike them in the face or the chest. And you say to them: "NICE try!"

And finally...

4. You are the favourite nephew/niece of rice spinster aunt, who is 90-something and ready to go any moment, and you are the sole beneficiary in her will. She likes to cook. Unfortunately her cooking sucks ass. Your uncles, (her 3 ex husbands) killed themselves rather than endure a lifetime of her horrible food.
Today is a lucky day, she's baked you a cake and has insisted you come over to have a piece, then take the rest home.
As you make small talk with your aunt, smile as you chew on her cake, and then forcibly swallow the foul bolus, she smiles sweetly and asks you: "How is may cake? I baked it especially for you. You know, you're my favourite!"
You give your aunt that look you gave her when you were 6 years old, tender, sweet and innocent and say: "It is so NICE, very, very, very NICE. And it is so NICE of you to do this for me. Aunty, you are such a NICE person, and I love you so much!" You lying motherfucker, and you will most certainly burn in hell—after you inherit her millions, of course. I guess, that's not too bad a trade off. You could say it has a NICE outcome. :)

Anyway, I digress.... you see that weak, fluffy filler word "nice" has many uses.

From my post, I quote:

> Durai may not be a "nice guy" or "trustworthy", but being "not nice" and "untrustworthy" is not a crime and many people choose to be such—and live out their lives, probably suffering along the way, but hey? So what? <

In the context above I define "nice" in the sense that it is "nice" to be decent, moral and ethical, and to not take advantage of your position, influence and power when entrusted with people's money—money they gave believing it was going to make some suffering person's life better.

I also use the words "may not". Durai "may not" be a NICE guy, but then again he MAY be a NICE guy. In other words, it is indeterminate whether he is or not. That is up to the individual to judge.

So is Durai a "nice" man?

I don't fucking know, and I don't fucking care. Redbean, it is irrelevant.

Here's hoping you all have a NICE weekend!

Anonymous said...

Don't take so much trouble, or worse, stir it, red bean!
Be nice! ;P

My nick: Anonymous

redbean said...

i am replying to a comment by anonymous which i think has been deleted. he said what should i do when someone give me the four letter word?

the easiest thing is to return the compliments. but then it does not differentiate me from him any more.

when i was young, my vocabulary of vulgarity will put anyone to shame here. but since my father and mother paid to send me to school to have an education, i decided that i must do justice to the money they spent.

so i decided to climb out of the gutters. many of my neighbourhood friends are still the same as they were many years back, filthy, abusive, vulgar and smelly.

i have left those things behind me. they are past. but sometimes you can still see a little flashes of my past brilliance : )

Anonymous said...

Is it true people who uses abusive vulgar language are deficit in communication abilities and needed the use of attention grabbing phrases to express themselves?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I thought of joining forums when I saw topics of interest, but occassionally I also find debates getting too personal and hostile, with lots of unsavoury phrases. I don't think I could handle the heat, so I stayed away.

redbean said...

i agree. we should try to chat and confine to the topic and not to attack the person. in that way we can chat like old friends.

i also keep away from those forums when people become too personal unless i am prepare to slug it out with them. i have done that before in other forums. but it is very unhealthy.

lets stay friendly and enjoy the friendship and the chat.


Matilah_Singapura said...

You doozy cunts are full of fucking shit!

Anonymous said...


Redbean, I think the anon fella & his qn is here. No deleted rite?

Anonymous said...

Anon June 15 2:07 asked:
> Is it true people who uses abusive vulgar > language are deficit in communication abilities > and needed the use of attention grabbing
> phrases to express themselves?

Red Bean said:
> i also keep away from those forums when
> people become too personal unless i am
> prepare to slug it out with them. i have done
> that before in other forums. but it is very
> unhealthy.

Striker sacked by Singapore club for swearing


Anonymous said...

8 signs of a vulgar person:
1. He label others #$%^* just because they have different views.
2. He is either poor or ugly. Sufferer of low self esteem.
3. A low-life who uses vulgarities all the time comes from dyfunctional families and hence his lack of a proper upbringing.
4. A loser who can't debate sensibly. He can't tell right from wrong. Worst, he can't tell when he's wrong.
5. A loser who is self righteous. See sign #1.
6. A loser who is struggling with his life. With life. With other lives.
7. Loser with dysfunctional brain. The attitudinal kind of dysfunction. Not physiological.
8. Since he can't win a debate, he'll try all means to stop u from posting, including irrirating u with @#$%.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I think the anon fella & his qn is here. No deleted rite?

June 15, 2007 7:49 PM

Hey annon 7:49, are you that divisive shithole in disguise?

redbean said...

let's try to live with each other and look at the good side of the other party.

life will be much liveable.

there can be some give and take.

Anonymous said...

June 15, 2007 11:32 PM, are U that doozy cunts full of fucking shit!?

redbean said...

cool guys.

let's keep some sanity here, please.