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Durai face his justice like a man Now that Durai had appeared in court to face justice squarely, the disappearance of Richard Yong will become more embarrassing and untenable politically. It is not only a problem of law enforcement and the credibility of our justice system, it has political ramifications. People are going to ask why and how come Richard Yong could get away. And the questions in people's mind can become more sensitive in nature. For the good of the system and peace of mind, Richard Yong must be brought home to face his just desert like every one of them. I do not know any one of them and am not posting this for personal reasons. It is all for the good of the country and the system.


Anonymous said...

The Who's who of the establishment were right behind him at the time when he was suing SPH. He probably had to take the rap to save those people further embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Durai was caught and is now paying a heavy price for his mistakes. Whether you like him or not, try to forgive and forget as we ourselves have often wronged others too. We have been talking abt him too long already, give the man a break.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense redbean. You're casting stones just like everyone else, as if you fuckers are pure as the driven snow.

So stop the moralising hypocrisies.

Durai simply breached his contractual agreement by not acting in his employer's best interest, when he as top-dog was contractually bound to moderate his personal behaviour in order to serve the interests of his employer—the NKF.

The man is NOT a criminal—I keep saying this over and over, but apparently it is not a popular view—no matter, I'm used to that :)

Durai may not be a "nice guy" or "trustworthy", but being "not nice" and "untrustworthy" is not a crime and many people choose to be such—and live out their lives, probably suffering along the way, but hey? So what?

Get off that high moral horse of yours. It doesn't suit you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Scared to respond, redbean?

Anonymous said...

I suspect redbean is busy with other forums, so we may be the only regular ones left.

redbean said...

hi guys,

my apologies. just came in. actually if you read my post, durai is no longer the subject of discussion. he has let the course of justice taking it to its natural conclusion.

the issue now is richard yong. this is going to be tricky, to be polite. got my drift?

redbean said...


why did you say that durai is not a nice guy? don't condemn him to that extent. if he is not a nice guy, there won't be so many people saying good things about him. he has many friends too, and friends of high standing.

if you read my postings about durai, i have tried to look at the good side of him.

there is always the two sides in anyone. the choice is with the person who is looking at him.

read my posts again.

Matilah_Singapore said...

My God, you are a fucking idiot sometimes redbean.

> redbean:

why did you say that durai is not a nice guy? ,

I didn't you dumb ass. This is what I said:


Durai may not be a "nice guy" or "trustworthy",

Do you notice a difference? Duh??

And in my post describing the your "moralising hypocrises", I used Durai as an example, but it applies to that Richard fella too. Oh sorry, I should have been more precise... and I will next time, because if I don't it seems that you'll look for a loop hole to jump on me ;-)

redbean said...


'Nonsense redbean. You're casting stones just like everyone else, as if you fuckers are pure as the driven snow.'

people don't cast stone to nice guys. you claimed that i am casting stones.

by the way, he is found guilty for the false invoice. now that is a crime. or are you saying that isn't?

Anonymous said...

Who's scared to respond. Now?

Anonymous said...

>you are a ... idiot sometimes redbean.

>there is always the two sides in anyone. the choice >is with the person who is looking at him.

Redbean, yr side kenan seen already liao?!

Turaikiller said...

Serve him right, hand him at public, all citizens get ready the rotten eggs & urinated fire on him to show our leaders & the world that we as s'porean are not as stupid as Li Ao said. We are just too emotional with gentle heart not like those cold blooded suckers creatures.

redbean said...

to have an idiot side of me means that there is a diametrically opposite of me, which is, ahem, intelligent : )

to add to turaikiller's comment, a criminal, a dictator or a mafia chief, can also have a very human side. and he can be very nice if you are his friend.

on the other hand, a very nice guy can be a pain in the arse if he regards you as an enemy.

it is all relative!

Anonymous said...

Wa lau, scared man.. Redbean, I'm yr fren hor.. :)

Faithfully being a reular here, meditating on yr words of wisdon..

redbean said...

we are all frens lah.

why want to make enemies for what?
only very insecure people will go around trying to make enemies. this is expected as they watch everyone like a hawk, every movement, every word will be scrutinised to see what bad things the other people is saying about him. often people just say it without having him in mind.

if you don't regard the other person as your enemy, you would read his words and actions differently.


Anonymous said...

How abt when some say to U:
f888 u, red bean!

What & how?

Anonymous said...

Anon June 15 2:07 asked:
> Is it true people who uses abusive vulgar > language are deficit in communication abilities > and needed the use of attention grabbing
> phrases to express themselves?
Red Bean said:
> i also keep away from those forums when
> people become too personal unless i am
> prepare to slug it out with them. i have done
> that before in other forums. but it is very
> unhealthy.

Striker sacked by Singapore club for swearing