"My name is Naomi Lourdesamy":

hi. my name is rachel. ingatius lourdesamy is my uncle and therefore, unfortunately, naomi is my cousin. sad, i know. don't worry about her or her silly threat. she's a kid and the only thing she could probably do is either scream or cry your ear off. speaking from experience, it isn't something you really wanna endure, but it's by no means something that'll affect you permanently. on my cousin's behalf, i'm really sorry for any trouble or worry she's caused you. (p/s not all lourdesamys are like this) I have copied this post from rachel which she had posted in one of the threads lost in time. It was several moons back and it will be very tedious to search through the blog to get to it. So I posted it here. And don't worry about naomi. I was only teasing her. Singapore is not a place where anyone can go around threatening another person for the slightest thing. Unless the person doing it is a very exceptional person. I believe you have read the many postings here and know that we do not purposely hang anyone for no reasons. And I hope you and naomi can visit the blog more often and share your views here. Cheers.

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