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Labour force survey or means testing?

I just completed the survey online and it still took me more than half an hour to complete it. But that is not the main issue. What I find disgusting are the questions. They are intrusive to the privacy and confidentiality of a person. It is as good as a means testing. With the data asked, there is no longer any need for means testing. They want to know how many TVs you owned and what type. Are they going to start a manufacturing plant for TVs? Luckily it stopped short of asking how many marbles I have. But they already know the answer. Two of course. And how many trips I made to Batam? Another lucky question they never asked. How much do we value our privacy and how much can the ministry be allowed to ask in the name of a national survey? Unfortunately, the game is that they can ask anything if they want to. And the law says that you must comply or else.


Anonymous said...

The law works in mysteriou ways. When they asked you for information, sometime private ones, you must comply or else. But a lot of people are asking the Government for information on Temasek, GIC etc and they tell you that those are confidential information, and you have no right to know. But of course they made to laws so......

redbean said...

the people must express their unhappiness when things are not acceptable. if not people will think that they can keep expanding what they are doing.

accepted that it is only an expression and nothing one can do about it when the law is not on your side. but that is your only right, to say you can keep squeezing, and it is my right to keep on screaming.

it will be too late when one is in pain and not allow to scream.

redbean said...

singaporeans must learn to scream. there is another term for this, feedback.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I used to get all sorts of nonsense questions asked of me by the fucking S'pore embassy in Canberra during the time I needed exit permits to stay out of S'pore. I never used to answer the questions directly, and even refused to answer a few. They still gave me exit permits for all those years.

You can decline to answer by stating, "I'm not prepared to reveal that". Or if they are getting "really personal", like asking you about your travels, tell the fucking idiot who is supposed to be the public's SERVANT outrightly "NO, your question is too intrusive to my privacy".

Then see if they pursue the matter. Usually they won't.

If it goes to court, even better still, you can create a "sensation".

I usually tear up any "questionnaire" I receive in the mail, and if sent by email, it ends up in the trash with a spam filter on the address.

Remember who is boss— the govt SERVES the people, not the other way around.

redbean said...

in filling up mandatory internet questionaires, you would need to fill in every column or you can't proceed further.

i should have just fill in anything and proceed. i am just a stupid singaporean that just filled in everything that is asked, as truthfully as possible.

there is always a catch all clause to say if you don't they can....