International surveys - the Bull and the Shit

Washington: Public attitudes towards China are turning more negative in the United States, Europe and elsewhere amid unease about its economic and military power, an international survey suggests. Bush was ranked more popular to Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao. Islamabad: Public attitudes towards the US and Europe are turning hostile in the Middle East and Africa over its wars and dominations over the Middle Eastern and African nations. Bush was ranked as the Number One Enemy of the Arab Nations and Ahmadinejad its Number One Hero. Hu Jintao and Putin were ranked as the friends of the Free World. The US image continues to take a beating in many parts of the world, according to an anuthorititative poll, the Pew Global Attitudes Project....Global distrust of American leadership is reflected in increasing disapproval of the conrnerstones of US foreign policy. Which survey is more shitty?


Anonymous said...

The fact that Bush was ranked more popular than Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao in the United States and Europe is not surprising comsidering the amount of bashing of China and Iran in the American and European Media whenever they talk about human rights, trade and the war in Iraq. If Bush were to ranked less popular than the other two in his own country, somthing must be amiss.

On the other hand the other survey was done in Islamabad, where Bush, Hu and Putin have no control. I would say that if they do another survey in South America or Africa, Hu and Putin would still be more favourably considered than Bush.

Shitty only applies to our national newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I'd choose Western imperialism over communist hegemony any day.

redbean said...

you are learning to tell the brutal truth, and not very polite as well : )