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"Indonesian Parliament rejects DCA" repeat

meds has left a new comment on your post "Indonesian Parliament rejects DCA": We must reject this unfair agreement. singapore, house of corruptor, feen form bastad money. we reject. unfair DCA sumedi, indonesian I received this post in the thread posted some time in May, deep inside the file. Many of you may not have read this reply so I decided to post it here. Hi Sumedi, welcome to the blog. I can appreciate your point. From the Indonesian perspective, they must see real benefits to go along with the DCA. And if they can't, then they should object to it or speak against it. It is the right of every citizen to talk and express their views on issues concerning their country. Otherwise the country will be run without the consent of the people. As citizens, I must say that we do not know the details of the agreements. I believe that the govt representatives of both sides are intelligent people who negotiated the agreements based on the best interests of their respective countries. And that your ministers would not have agreed on the DCA if Indonesia is not getting a fair and justified returns for the agreements. I would not simply run down the agreement without knowing the details. You may want to find out more from your ministers. There must be enough trade off for them to agree. They must have seen enough benefits in the agreements which the public may not know. Cheers


Anonymous said...

Indonesian are really paranoid. They keep thinking that Singapore would one day invade them. It seem that they have no sense of proportion.

Singapore has at most a million conscripts. Can Singapore even invade Sumatra and hold on to it with just a million men? I think the answer is very obvious. Indonesian are paranoid, bordering on stupidity if you ask.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia is too vast, peninsula Malaysia is a better target. Singapore is more than capable of holding on to Johor and maybe, even Malacca.

redbean said...

these are dangerous thoughts. we are simply too small to threaten our neighbours. and that is our advantage. but the politicians of these countries will use us as a bogeyman to frighten their people to advance their private agenda.

singapore cannot afford to have a war or tension with its neighbours. we do not and cannot afford to live a life like the israelis in the middle east. a life of constant strife and military tension.

that is something that we should never trifle with. once any tension drags on for a few months and we will disintegrate.

we can only hope that we have enough strength to avoid such things from happening but not to violate our neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Indonesian are really paranoid. They keep thinking that Singapore would one day invade them. It seem that they have no sense of proportion.

yes malaysia can! sup sup water like a stroll in the park blindfolded.

indonesia no, quite messy and difficult. Also what for they are not our enemies?

redbean said...

don't even think of it. there is no cakewalk. iraq is an excellent example. so is palestine and israel.

the blessed semites are blessed to kill each other till the end time. it is a lesson for all to learn and not to repeat.

meds said...

hi redBean

Im very sorry for my emotional comment on your blog. Im not aware if my comments is became a discussion. i find this link from google with keyword my name sumedi.

yes. its not your contry fault, if this unfair agrrement is dsigened and ratified, i have to accused my goverment.

singapore is an independence country, have their own sovereignity. have own deal. so are we. and this is a must if singapore defence their interest on this agreement.

so, my comments is right my comment, i think that, right. but, i apreciate with you.

im very sorry.
no problem with your blog.


meds said...

i have make the same post with this.


redbean said...

hi sumedi,

your comments are always welcome. we are all citizens of our country and it is our right and also in our own interest to comment on what is happening. whether the policians agree or disagree with us, never mind.

we must have the right to say our peace.

please share your views with us.