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IMH in the red

Now this is unbecoming. It is time to relook at the costing and turn this around into a profit making organisation. IMH said it has 1,600 patients with 300 staying more than 10 years. How about encouraging them to discharge early? Its $9 million budget is a big strain. What is the budget of NKF? Or what is the budget for Changi prison? Should we also be worried about the high cost of operating a prison and turn in into a profit making organisation. Maybe they have already done that, with the prisoners working in some capacity. But hey, human rights groups would protest against selling their products. I am trying to think whether it is a problem for the govt to subsidise IMH. Oooh, touching on something sensitive, subsidy or is there a better word for it? Some of these patients, like the chronically sick or disabled, may have families who can afford to pay for their upkeep. Some may have financial difficulties paying for their lifestyle. Hmmm, terminating them, though a more efficient and practical solution, will definitely be unacceptable under any circumstances. So how? Maybe displaying them on TV and extract some emotional juice and sympathetic donations for their upkeep. An exceptional talent is needed to look at how to look after them without stressing on the state budget. How much does it cost to subsidise the durians or to encourage sports as a lifestyle? Living as a mentally ill patient is a lifestyle not of choice. But it is a way of living to them.


Anonymous said...

An exceptional talent is needed to look at how to look after them without stressing on the state budget.

I think the company can turnaround if they employ less specialists, more foreign doctors and nurses, raise fees and then make it compulsory for next-of-kin to pay the bills, when necessary. I cant see other solutions.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure they are thinking along those lines. They are good at making every venture profitable. After all, the next election is 4 years away and now is the time to make some hay while the sun shines.

Anonymous said...

If what you say is true then we can expect lots of sad and helpless stories to be propogated across our national papers and tv for the next few weeks before the drastic announcement; I mean it nothing new.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No problem lah. Many firms and businesses go thru periods where the red ink flows copiously. Losing money is a 'market signal' that tells managers they need to pay attention.

Somewhere in the mechanics of operation is a false premise; an incorrect assumption (at least one, there might be more) on which the enterprise has been operating.

Whenever there is a 'failure', it is always the result of wrong assumptions or false premises, not some mystical or mythical reason.

Money alone never solves problems. Intelligent human action allocating money correctly solves problems.

And of course if they cannot fix their problems, it is bankruptcy due to insolvency, and that.

No point getting all choked up and emotional — if management is not up to the task, it is unreasonable to expect anything but a failure.

redbean said...

every problem has a solution and also an opportunity for the enterprising to make money.

Anonymous said...

yea the ceo must have a serious word with his marketing/ advertising directors and cfo about shoring up its bottomline with a new business plan and only then will they improve.

Anonymous said...

maybe they need a good turnaround consultant to remake the business.

Anonymous said...

no need for consultant, to solve the jams just remake the fees like taxi surcharge.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean said...

every problem has a solution

I find that rather surprising, coming from you. In many of your posts you exaggerate the problems and take a stance of resignation to "tolerate" the suffering.

Either that, or your "solutions" involve getting the govt involved.

Any more surprises, mate? ;)

Anonymous said...

Redbean in the red?

redbean said...


blogs and internet forums are chat sites and not problem solving sites. people who want to solve problems should be in a position to solve problems.

i chat just like you chat. i can take any side just to chat. i am never right. i just post views depending on which angle i feel is interesting.

if i am to offer a proper solution, i need time and resources and of course, i want to be paid. only silly people offer solutions for free. this is the pragmatic approach of singaporeans.

i am thinking of an article to write about this over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

> only silly people offer solutions for free. <

So you mean mr matilah who offers discussion & solving ideas is silly?

redbean said...

when we are in a blog or forum discussiong, what we just talk and talk. i don't think anyone, including matilah, really mean that what he said is a real solution.

it is just to talk talk and provoke discussion. i also sometimes said we should do this or that. but to make a serious decision, it requires a lot of serious thoughts. cannot anyhow shoot.

Anonymous said...

U shoot, I shoot, matila shoot.

Cum la.. ;P

Matilah_Singapura said...

Err... caution everyone. I don't offer solutions. The best I can do it express my OPINION. Opinion and solutions are not the same, you dumb careless cunts ;)

But you can offer to hire me to "solve problems". I good at both: creating problems (for my own entertainment), and solving them (for personal profit). However, I warn you, I am expensive. :)

Anonymous said...

Anon June 15 2:07 asked:
> Is it true people who uses abusive vulgar
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Red Bean said:
> i also keep away from those forums when
> people become too personal unless i am
> prepare to slug it out with them. i have done
> that before in other forums. but it is very
> unhealthy.

8 signs of a vulgar person:
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