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have faith. don't jump the gun

I visited the YPAP forum just now and read the several harsh statements against Boon Heng's suggestion to raise withdrawal limits. I think it is unfair for these peasants to jump to conclusions before hearing Boon Heng out. His suggestion is carefully thought out, after spending 6 days in Japan with his team of experts to look into the aged problem. He did not shoot it off his mouth without thinking. The peasants cannot assume that a multi million dollar minister will do that. And the problem of the aged is very intricate and needs a thorough understanding of the complex issues around it. Of course the peasants will just shoot it off their mouth. Give the minister some time. In 5 or 10 years time the peasants will understand how well thought out the solutions were. Have faith.


Anonymous said...

Singapore is learning from Japan how to tackle the aged problem and in the next breath we are talking about Japan learning from Singapore our pension scheme. Now, who needs to learn from whom I wonder?

redbean said...

we have the best retirement system in the world for our senior citizens. we made them save for their retirements in abundance. one condition is that their money is not wasted in high medical fees and expensive properties.

and it does not cost the govt a single cent. better still, the citizens don't even know that the money is theirs all the while. and some even think that it is a pension scheme, paid by their own pockets and determined by the govt when and how much to give to them.

this is a scheme that the whole world can learn from us.

learn what stupid japanese pension scheme that is falling apart?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here comes the welfare state...

Govts introduce unworkable solutions in attempts to fix probles caused by previous unworkable solutions implemented to "solve" certain social problems.

There's gonna be a lot of pissed off old folks in time to come, and pissed off young folks who will be TAXED at higher rates to keep this PYRAMID SCHEME afloat.

Oh well, the old folks do deserve the govt they get, there's no doubt about that. Can't say I have any sympathy for them.

Anonymous said...

redbean since you are openning so many threads at one time, can you put snippets of the latest postings so we dun have to run all over the shop?

redbean said...

that's the limitation of a blog. i also have trouble scrolling up and down. quite tedious. that's why i started redbean forum where new postings will auto pop up on top. easier and more convenient to follow.

i will encourage all of you to post at the forum. makes my life easier too.


Anonymous said...


redbean said...

the cpf started as a good scheme serving a very good purpose. the problem comes when someone notice that there are a lot of money in the individual's account.

then some wise guy must have thought about the affordability concept. then things become affordable to the cpf holders. but they forgot that after paying for all the affordable things, there is nothing left for retirement.

now we have a pyramid problem.

Anonymous said...

An INVERTED pyramid problem.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean advised:

> Have faith.

What? You George Michael izzit?

> And the problem of the aged is very intricate and needs a thorough understanding of the complex issues around it.

Now redbean is trying to introduce some voodoo. Because of the "complex and intricate nature" of these "problems", you can't use reason and logic. You have to get all mystical... and have faith.


I have a solution: legalise euthanasia, and have a campaign to promote it. Get that famous fella to write the jingle, and have the kids in school sing it to their grandparents.

Community centres can run "Euthanasia Workshops", and you can use your e-Citizen registration to order a euthanasia kit over the net.

How? Will this baby fly, or not?

redbean said...

oh jingles, you are brilliant man, matilah. how come i never think of it. now let me try.

bye bye
grandpa grandma
bye bye
it's time to go now
bye bye
grandpa grandma

sign it with mama mia tune by adba.