Esplanade car parking fee up

Yes, it is from $4 to $5.50 for 4 hours of night parking. A 37.5% increase. Definitely the increase is not due to the 2% GST in July. Or else the Esplanade will be skinned alive for profiteering or taking advantage of the GST increase. For this, the most they can increase is 2%. The justification is because of higher rate of utilisation. There are more demand for the car parks there. Public transport operators should be happy to use this justification in the next round of price hike. The more people want to use a facility, it is a good reason to raise price. And in the case of the Esplanade, they should raise it more. For the comment from the car owners is an innocuous, just a bit steep. Nothing to worry about. And it is also good to know that Chijmes is charging $8, much higher. So as long as a good example is used to compare and justify the higher fee, it is ok. The fees for CTE and other expressways must go up when more motorists are using them. Another good reason is that the people parking in the Esplanade can afford it. So why not. It is affordable.


TuraiKiller said...

Well, Leaders set a "very good example" increased own salary,GST, increase this & that so now every business mindset also wrapped this opportunity to follow their footstep since s'porean always LL & quitely accepted it.
So..........who fault?

redbean said...

small businesses cannot anyhow increase. it is against the law and can charged for profiteering.

Anonymous said...

Ang dao ah, U really bz hor?
So many things the prices going up liao.
U can put this under yr "Rising Costs" thread in yr angdau forum liao.

All of us say:
Xiao liao ar!!!

redbean said...

oh it is already in my forum.

whether one becomes xiao or not because of these little increases depends on one's bank account.