Children unable to perceive cruelties

Generally, children are less perceptible about what is cruelty and what is fun. The younger the age, the less able will be their faculty to reason goodness from badness, right from wrong. There is a letter in the Today paper complaining about children catching guppies in ponds for fun and in the process caused the unnecessary death of many of the fishes. This is indeed regrettable. Some education in schools and by parents is sorely needed in this area. Fishing for fun is very different from fishing for food. Children may not understand. But adults should, or do they? Many adults still spent millions of dollars going for that fishing trip for fun. It is fun and thrilling to hook up a live fish and see the poor bugger struggling to break free. And in the process, the fish is likely to tear off its throat or cheek. How much pain is there? One joker told me that fish have no pain cells and cannot feel pain. What an idiot. Generally, human has this cruel instinct in them. And as long as cruelty is done to others, it is fun, acceptable. This animalistic instinct is often displayed by the maid abusers. It is waiting to surface everyday.


Matilah_Singapura said...

What did you expect? Cruel kids have been cruelly stripped of their compassion and individuality by the govt kindergartens and schools.

Govt has a "tekan" mentality. And it is infectious. Remember:

CHILDREN LEARN BY COPYING EXAMPLES they encounter in their environment. This "copying" doesn't have "reason" behind it. They just COPY...

redbean said...

i hope they don't copy the bad part of you.

now who did you copy your vulgarities from? you are setting a bad example for the young. and i am encouraging the young to come here to post.

seriously, the young are very impressionable and need good examples.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is a difference between the "young" you speak of and "children" I referred to in my post, and it is obvious that you are not clued-up to know the difference between the two, hence the ignorance of your comment.

You show further lack of intelligence by trying to impose some sort of "cause-effect" idea that I'm "setting a bad example to the young".

The problem of having some of the young so "impressionable" is that the State Education System has killed off most of the critical thinking skills needed for one to fully actualise.

Further more, your "fake altruism" is totally asinine. A real man or woman with a healthy amount of self-respect would tell me directly "I don't approve of the language you are using", not try to play some SILLY MIND GAME, like a spoilt 5 year old and attempt to make me "feel guilty" for using language which apparently corrupts the "impressionable" young.

Sorry, I won't play your silly emotional game—instead, might I suggest you try it on someone like you boss — you just might get a raise, thus proving that if you direct your energies and strategies in the right direction, you could benefit.

Your credentials as a "media person" are somewhat in doubt too. You are obviously UNAWARE of the lyrics in the songs (especially rap) the young listen to, and also of the content in the movies and DVDs they watch.

You display further ignorance by not being bothered to observe the young when they LAN Game. I assure you the language they use in moments of exuberance and frustration didn't come from *my posts on your blog*. Also, if you check the content of some of the games, you might conclude that my current lexicon of "vulgarities" is somewhat dated, and tame.

> i hope they don't copy the bad part of you.

To keep the universe in balance, I feel that this require a reciprocal response:

I most certainly hope the "young and impressionable" don't copy your very own "bad" points, redbean—namely your cry-baby, moralising, the-government-should-do-this-that-and-the-other.

In fact, if there are messages I personally would like to send out to the "impressionable young" it is:

Never allow anyone to make you feel "guilty" for something you didn't do, and, always make up your OWN MIND on issues. Stand up for yourself, in other words keep Your Own best Interests constantly in mind, and always act in YOUR INTEREST. Since you cannot control the mind of others, you have *no business* in being presumptuous to try to change them.

Love and kisses,


redbean said...


i will be insulting you to try to play a mind game with you. unless you are really a young and impressionable man. obviously you are not.

now why are you so worked up on a little teasing huh?

the young, in reality, is not necessarily determined by age. many are still very naive despite being in their 30s or 40s. the impressionable young includes children, adolescents and young adults. these are people who imitate or easily influence by fads, trends, opinions in msm, sometime just for fun, sometimes unthinking, sometimes seriously believing that it is the best thing.

i also encourage everyone to think independently, but rationally, on issues, events that affect their lives. if you read the trend of thoughts in my postings on world issues in my forum, you will see that i take a very different views from western media and western writers.

many asians are very impressionable by what they read on the papers, all western biased news and views. and without thinking, they accept that kind of thinking and logic and presumptions that the west should dominate and tell the rest of the world what is right or wrong. in such matters, the children are all adults.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My, my, aren't we full of sweeping generalisations today?

> now why are you so worked up on a little teasing huh?

Sama, sama ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you noticed. Unlike silly uptight toxic-faith Christians, and suffering "attached to non-attachment" Buddhists, I am unashamed and unafraid of the passions and emotion. I can promise you I'll continue to post "with spirit".

... and I'm not seeking anyone's "validation" — you forget, I do this purely for my own SELFISH entertainment!

redbean said...

singaporeans are generally very inhibited. i too was brought up in such an environment.

unlike westerners, this is their strength, to allow every individual to be what he wants to be and speak his mind off.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Somehow it you always seek refuge in race and culture. You run and hide behind your "Asian-ness" as if it is the universal aegis against a threat to your oh-so-fragile ego.

Good God redbean, I thought you were capable of far more "rugged" argumentation—being a blog and forum owner who often posts his own strong opinion.

I guess, I stand corrected. ;-)

I shudder to think that we have no control on what and who we are, and are COMPLETELY enslaved by "the way we're brought up".

redbean said...

i am not too familiar about the rest of the asian cultures. one thing for sure, when they were colonised, they accepted it as an act of fate. they were ruled for centuries like sheeps in their own countries.

as for the chinese, they have lived under the worst of confucianism, the blind obedience to power, blind filial piety etc. confucianism does not encourage upheavals. it prefers status quo, assuming that the power or elders are the wiser and need to be obeyed.

for many whose parents are illiterate farmers and peasants, such ideas were never challenged or discussed. that had led to many centuries of tragedies.

the new chinese in china have woken up to their abysmal past and are quite aggressive today. they are not going to accept the old values and want their place on earth as an equal. they are pushy, no doubt about it.

the singaporeans are not progressing along that line. we have been tamed by the system.

why do you think bloggers are more comfortable here than posting in forums? blogs provides a little more anonymity. but if people want to trace, with the resources, they can trace as well. in forum the ip is quite simple to track down.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean, yr question:
now why are you so worked up on a little teasing huh?

Red Bean, yr answer:
the young, in reality, is not necessarily determined by age. many are still very naive despite being in their 30s or 40s.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel insulted Red Bean.
We regulars here can read.
All the nice attributes of a person can sadly, be overtaken by the way one carries himself or expresses himself.
Like it or not, the Net's not as free as we wish it could be. The anti-establishment/ lky/ r-catholicism expressions by him can be seriously damaging to his cause.
He may never get to grow up. :(

redbean said...

we should chat for fun and test different ways of looking at things. you will be amazed how different people see things differently.

i could post very stereotype remarks and observations. it will be dull like hell. oops, like heaven i mean.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 15 2:07 asked:
> Is it true people who uses abusive vulgar
> language are deficit in communication abilities
> and needed the use of attention grabbing
> phrases to express themselves?
Red Bean said:
> i also keep away from those forums when
> people become too personal unless i am
> prepare to slug it out with them. i have done
> that before in other forums. but it is very
> unhealthy.

8 signs of a vulgar person:
1. He label others #$%^* just because they have different views.
2. He is either poor or ugly. Sufferer of low self esteem.
3. A low-life who uses vulgarities all the time comes from dyfunctional families and hence his lack of a proper upbringing.
4. A loser who can't debate sensibly. He can't tell right from wrong. Worst, he can't tell when he's wrong.
5. A loser who is self righteous. See sign #1.
6. A loser who is struggling with his life. With life. With other lives.
7. Loser with dysfunctional brain. The attitudinal kind of dysfunction. Not physiological.
8. Since he can't win a debate, he'll try all means to stop u from posting, including irrirating u with @#$%.