Case taking on Nets

It is good that case is taking on Nets for the impending increases in its levy. And I support Yeo Guat Kwang's reasoning. 'They have been given this monopolistic mode of operation because we see this as a basic infrastructure, to provide a basic mode of payment for all Singaporeans. So, they can't just come out and tell Singaporeans now "I see this as...a commercial decision."' Well said and well reasoned. I hope Case will use the same logic and take on other monopolistics infrastructure businesses and stop them from squeezing the people. Infrastructure and essential services were given monopolistic businesses as a service to the country and people. They must not be allowed to hijack them and keep raising their fees using commercial decision as an excuse. Lets see which monopolistic infrastructure organisation is next on Case's list. Keep up the good work, Case.


Anonymous said...

They just woke up. They will fall asleep again.

Anonymous said...

Yeo and Case deserves our applause!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, nothing will change. This exercise will just die a natural death like so many others.

Anonymous said...

People like Mr Yeo has potentials++

Anonymous said...

Case got case meh?
Think la. Feel n feel no use one.
Not in Sengkapoh.

Sengkapolians Not Stupid. They Do Know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The only way to tackle monopoly is for the state to get the fuck out of the way, thus lowering the barriers for entry, and allow privateers to come in and offer consumer choice by aggressive free market competition.

But anyone with a pea brain will know, that ain't gonna happen. What will happen is that NETS will kena regulated, thereby maintaining its monopoly, with the govt becoming a more "active" partner in their venture.

It won't be long before those transaction records are no longer "confidential". Gradually, over time, The State will impose itself more and more, and come to a point where a low-level clerk without any security clearance can look into your transactions. Kiss your privacy, goodbye.

OTOH, if competing firms were allowed in, people will be able to choose who gives the better service and who makes the effort to protect privacy. Those who run a slip-shod business will be out of business in a short time. That is market efficiency.

I would say, NETS monopoly is well on the way to becoming stronger. If it has got anything to do with MONEY (the medium of exchange), The State will be there. Currency notes and coin are controlled by The State. Why not then the electrical, digital impulses which constitute ELECTRONIC money?

redbean said...

unfortunately nets is already a privatised entity. otherwise they will privatise it for the benefits of the people, for more efficiency and profitability.

Matilah_Singapura said...

So NETS is "privatised", and protected by govt (is it govt? who knows? ;) )

Therefore it is a MONOPOLY.

Habis. Chia Lat.

Use cash lah. :)

redbean said...

at the moment nets is a private commercial entity and they should be allowed to price their services. if they overprice it, they will lose biz. there are alternatives like credit cards and cash.

compare to other essential services when there are no alternatives.