The best govt

We have the best and a world class govt that the world admires. Citizens of our neighbouring countries and far and wide all had a Christmas wish, that they could have a govt like ours. And the govt has pledged to the people that it will look after the people, no man will be left behind, all the policies are for the good of the people. Now the paradox. Increasingly the mood is that the govt is no longer the govt for the people. It may be just a perception. It may not be true. It may be a false reading by the ignorant and not so talented citizens who are not up to it to understand what the govt is doing for them. But it is their perception, like it or not. When the people think otherwise, does it matter?


Anonymous said...

Yes I think there is a negative mood on the ground today; increasingly it seems alot of people are feeling the heat as the country moves up as a global city.

Personally the way that debate about increasing the monthly allowances to the poor were thrown out the window has altered my own view about those in charge, I asked myself, were no man be left behind nothing more than an empty slogan?

But I am not sure if that mood should worry the government given there are next to none opposition leaders that are articulate and smart enough to make a difference. If they exists, how come they are so silent.

So I predict thtere will be yet another walk over the next election and the subsequent ones to follow. Not that it is anything bad.

redbean said...

there is a bad mood among only a small fraction of the population, the critical and cynical minority. the majority is doing quite well. and those who are not doing well, some are just resigned to their fate.

the earth will only shake when there is a critical mass that feels unhappy. at the moment, many are either happy or not very disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Global city =
Global heat =
Global warming =
Global catastrophe.