another quote for the good singaporeans

"Changes are being made so Singaporeans can have more money when they retire." Minister Of Manpower Jan 2007 Singaporeans are so lucky. The govt is planning for everyone to have more money when they retire. For the mean time, please stretch your dollar, if you have one.


Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Say just said we must not think of retiring. Minister Ng now says changes are being made so that Singaporeans can have more money they they retire. Got reitrement or not? What are they really saying, with all this contradictary quotations

redbean said...

initially i also quite confused. so i think a little. then i found the answers, or did i?

if you are earning more than $1 mil, you must not think of retiring. but if you are earning very little, the govt will make sure you have more money when you retire.

or is it the other way round. when you are earning more than $1 mil then the govt will make sure you retire with a lot of money. but if you are earning little, then don't think of retiring.

Anonymous said...

Still confused lah!

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Singaporeans need to be told what to do today and future. We are like young and ignorant kids. The ministers are our Fathers, Uncles and Aunties.

Whatever we do are wrong. Whatever they do is right and for our own goods.

Whenever they wants anything and we argue, they will be able to justify why we are wrong.

In time to come, more people will be frustrated with the Political environment.

2 things may happens.
a) People lose interest in politics as the feel its useless to engaged in it.
b) A strong Political leader emerge and many frustrated people will adore and support him.

Anonymous said...

Lim swee sway say what - what lor!

Last time it's loads from mah cow tan.
Then teo chee bean
Then lim boon sway
Then lim swee sway..
Still got many more U know I know can aredi.

Really sway* la - us all!!!

*Sway: Cursed, unlucky, jinxed

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes folks, just keep shovelling the money into your "account", and you'll have a lot more money (more than what, than who, exactly? By what standard is "more" to be evaluated?) when you retire... at 90!

Aiyah Mr Lim, if you are going to bluff people, at least make an effort to be convincing!

Lost4ever said...

Beware, what if the more money means adding ONE or TWO zeros so that u can have something like BANANA money. Then we all will have lots of worthless money

Afterall, it is only rightful for Banana trash in banana land to use banana money.

That way, we all have lots of money, maybe it is already happening... just wait and it will happen.

redbean said...

do you want your $100k now or your $150k in 10 years time? which has higher purchasing power?

yes, when the same flat is going to be sold at $1 mil instead of $500k, it looks damn good. but it also means that your money is now worth half of its value.

saving to buy that property is like a dog chasing its tail.

redbean said...

chicken talk.

kok...kok, kok,... kok...kok, kok...kok,....