the world of bullies

The world of bullies The danger of this world turning into a hell hole of fire is to see how national leaders behave like neighbourhood bullies. Hit them hard if they cross the line. That is what they are going to do to the North Koreans. Diplomacy is now club carrying. The bigger the club the better, and the one who is ready to use it carries the biggest voice. Can the world really strike at North Korea with military force? Is sanction and provocative punitive measures effective solutions to the drum up crisis? Is the world expecting the North Koreans to be running around threatening every other nation? The North Koreans simply did not have the means and neither the intention. Why are all the silly men behaving like cavemens. All geared up and ready for a fight? The Koreans, both North and South, have no history of attacking another country. The Nations that have such experiences and are likely to do it are the countries that are rounding up the world to hit out at the Koreans. The Americans and the Japanese are infamous for conducting wars and invading other countries. And they are at it again, calling on the world to do it in North Korea. Is diplomacy and sensibilities dead?

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