what it costs an average guy to live here

Let me paint in broadbrush of what an average hardlander of 25 years will need to live in Singapore against what he earns in the next 40 years of his life. I prefer the word hardlander than heartlander for obvious reasons. Assuming a nett income of $2000 plus bonus or $30k per annum. Total income for 40 years $1.2 mil What he needs to spend. 1. 4 room flat ($250k plus interest) $500k 2. Monthly household expenses($1k pm) $480k 3. Personal expenses($300 pm) $144k 4. 1 child up to self supporting $150k These 4 items alone will wipe out all his income. Forget about owning a car. And there are many other expenses and social obligations to take care of. As a hardlander, his increment is not going to be substantial to offset the constant increase in cost of living. So he will, for his whole life, living from hand to mouth, at $2000 nett income.

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