wee shu min counselled by father for being insensitive

The father, Wee Siew Kim, has spoken. And Wee Shu Min has been counselled for being insensitive. The father apologised for her insensitivity in the brutal truth she posted in her blog. The truth is still the truth and people are expected to live with it. No one can run away from the truth even if it is painful to the ears. And the only thing people need to take note is to be more sensitive when telling the truth. No one shall tell a poor bugger that he/she is filthy rich and the poor bugger should just get lost. Just tell the poor bugger nicely to go away. That will do. The paper reported that the RJC principal, Winston Hodge said: 'We have counselled Shu Min and have conveyed to her the importance of sensitivity and empathy, qualities that she should have exercised in her response to Mr Wee.' I would suggest the college starts a programme to educate its students to be more compassionate, more feeling and more kind to the less able and hardlanders of our society. Pity them a little and don't throw the brutal truth into their shameless faces lined with pain and hardship. And if possible, educate all the fine future leaders of our nation to be more caring, and that they should bear the responsibility to help these poor buggers to improve their pathetic lives instead of telling them to lump it. Maybe the college is already doing these.


Elfred said...

Well... MOck cases:

"Please vote for us cos we serve you better... you know, oppositions no power to serve you one, for us? At least we nicely tell you to go away...

Every vote counts! Thank you!

You have chose a WINNER, you LOSER$!"

"Serving the community is our greatest pleasure... we get to be elite to such crackpot-ting complementary class...

Got dignity? Come for what help? Go and jump like that Mr Tan did...

Now PLEASE go away while I SERVE another resident..."

Resident: Sir, you can help just by doing THIS!

MP: As your MP, I'd suggest you help yourself to the pile of rocks and yahdayahdayahda... You know this world? So go away, you LOSERS!

MM Lee: Good job Mr MP, you serve the people well.

PM Lee: I sure know I need more MPs as yourself!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the truth is :
Ppl become more wayang and know how to say good thing in mouth.
It is exactly what most business-man behave. Promise many things to client but may be beyond limit to deliver. But at end of day, who cares they said. Once they get the client's business, they can always "try their best" afterwards and say nice thing although action speak otherwise.

redbean said...

to wayang you need real good actors. but sometimes the actors become themselves or reveal their true characters. then problem starts.