we should thank wee shu min

Someone posted in YPAP forum about thanking Shumin. I thought it was a joke. On second thought, I think he had a point. Without Shumin telling the brutal truth, Singaporeans would still be living in a state of ignorant bliss. Hopefully Shumin's frank talk could jolt them up and face the ugly reality of life. The earlier they know the truth, the earlier they can take actions to look after their pathetic life. It is the same as the peanut story. Otherwise we still would not understand what a peanut cost and what people meant by peanuts. It is another brutal truth that Singaporeans must live with. You people must be grateful to Shumin. That's why they always said that an innocent child will tell the most enlighten truth. You cannot lie to a child.


Anonymous said...

hi, Redbean,
what you say is true. A young naive girl who ignorance of the world will tell the truth, and maybe it is god's will that truth be told. And quite unfortunately, her "private" blog has suddenly end up as "public" blog which perhaps god want warn us about brutal truth.

As we grow older, we tell and keep lies to our agenda which is even true in today business world. Been a high post executive in MNC before, we often hide the truth and invoke false confidence and portray standfast security, where in reality, we actually feel insecure, powerless, despondent over what we see and do. Yes, the brutal truth is the survival of fitness. And often the middle management and below is often the pawn used as scapegoat. In high pos, you are often protected by own elite executive system of "ignorance" and "arrogance". And that's why leadership is all about charisma and perhaps putting "false front".

redbean said...

between shu min and george bush i will believe shu min. : )

corporate truth and leadership is best kept in the dustbin. recently i have been quite nasty screwing up gm and corporate leeches. quite fun actually.