tough ride hard landing

Singapore tough ride and hard landing. Singapore's relation with Thailand, especially the Thai Palace, is in for a tough ride. The Thaksin coup can be directly linked to the Shin Corp acquisition. And Singapore is seen as the cause of his downfall. Even a quick congratulatory message to the coup Prime Minister did not appease the displeasure in Thailand. We were the first to send the message in spite of the fact that we don't approve of military coups. And in his quick tour of Asean countries, Singapore, the largest trading partner, and once seen as the closest ally of Thailand, was bluntly left out. They do not want to talk to us. Then Temasek wanted to appoint a 'private secretary to the crown prince' as a corporate advisor for its Thailand office. This again backfired and the appointment was called off. Then the palace issued a statement calling the would be advisor, Tongnoi, as 'cunning and immoral.' Or is that a message to tell Temasek but taken out as against Tongnoi? A kingdom is a kingdom and thinks and behaves like a kingdom. A king and crown prince think like a king and a crown prince. Modern leadership from a modern state, a republic, will find it difficult to fathom or relate to them. The values and interests are different, I supposed.


Elfred said...

It's not cunning and immoral...
It's smart-alec and immoral...
In the end, Singapore is perceived as what? It stands to gain a louya reputation for this "cunning-ness".

This XXX... ever so short-sighted.

Anonymous said...

Prince to Temasek Singapore:

redbean said...

In addition, Thai royal counsellor Tongnoi Tongyai has been appointed Temasek's corporate adviser.

Tongnoi, who is in his early 70s, is the personal counsellor of Thailand's Crown Prince, and has been in charge of the royal's personal affairs since 2000.

Tongnoi was previously also an adviser to the Thai King on foreign and technical affairs.

The above is a description of Tongnoi by the Nation on 20 Oct 06.

Why would such a senior man in the confidence and employment of the Royal Palace became a 'cunning and immoral man' overnight?

redbean said...

"...As far as he was concerned, there was no reason the deal should affect our bilateral relations because it shouldn't be politicised and it should be managed in accordance with the laws of Thailand, which I think is the correct position to take."

Mr Lee, on what Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont had told him about the Shin Corp deal. They met on the sidelines of the Asean China Summit. reported in the Straits Times on 31 Oct 06.

Now which version will prevail? The Palace or the Coup Regime?