tor ching li's article about netiquette

I am wondering whether I should feel amused by Tor Ching Li's article this morning in Today about the activities of cyberspace and netiquette? I have submitted an article on the same topic over the weekend and has yet to see the light. Anyway, I am also wondering how ChingLi's article will be viewed by the readers. She has quoted some interesting and some unflattering comments of opposition party members. Does this mean that it is acceptable to write to the MSM on the unflattering comments of ruling party members in cyberspace as well? Or writing negative stuff about opposition members is ok and not the other way round? But a more unexpected consequence of this article is that it will divert a lot of attention to Sammyboy's site and all the gory postings of hate and disgusts about ruling party politicians will now be read by more people. It is like laying a trail of sugar towards a pool of shit. By shit I am not referring to Sammyboy but to some of the very offensive postings. Interesting indeed.

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