spend to look good and feel good

As I approached a MRT station I was greeted by lines of sparkling metallic studs on the floor, nicely arranged in neat rows. With a little curiosity I followed all the way to the lift and out of the lift. And on both sides of the platform, two equally brilliant rows of studs ran across the whole length of the platform. Very well designed and a visual treat. These are aids for the blind to allow them to get to the station platform. And by stretching it across the whole platform, the blind could walk from one end to the other to enjoy the beautiful sight, guided by the studs. Very thoughtful. I am glad that we are putting in great efforts to help our physically handicaps. But I thought they could do a little more. The studs only start at the station floor. How could the blind get all the way from their homes to the station without the studs? It would be better if the studs were laid all the way to the flats or houses, through overhead bridges, stairways, underpass etc. That would make it more convenient, and would have looked more caring. Then we will be more deserving of a first world nation, looking good and feeling good. And those car parks that provided only one parking lot for the invalid drivers should change their mindsets and provide more. One is too miserly. Maybe twenty or more. As our population ages, we can forsee that in the future there will be more wheelchairs and blind people on the road. We must prepare for a nation of cripples and the sightless. What we are doing is not enough. Maybe 20% of the population, statistically will need assistance to travel around to see the beautiful gardens, parks and cities, and shopping and eating. We must do more to prepare for a nation of people that cannot see and walk but would like to see and travel around. Seriously, I am for all the assistance we can do to help those who need help. But throwing away money unnecessarily to look good is not the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

I fully adree with you on this subject. Like you, I believe the physically handicapped must be assisted to be more independent.

On my daily morning walk here in the UK I often see senior citizens on their electric wheelchairs on their way from their lodgings to the local supermarket for their daily needs. At all road crossings they have drop-kerbs to allow wheelchairs on and off pavements. The daily trips to the supermarket allow them to be out and about and give them a purpose in life and also give them a sense of dignity and independence. When they get to the supermarket there are people who would help them taking things off high shelves etc. Over here they do care for their senior citizens.

Over here as in the States, the bus drivers would lower a platform to bring in a wheelchair onto the bus and would also help to secure the wheelchair to a special space allocated for wheelchairs.

In Singapore the roads and pavements are not so handicap friendly. Ramps for wheelchairs are few and far between. In fact I have never seen a wheelchair bound passenger on a Singapore bus.

redbean said...

the handicaps need help, just like the non handicap singaporeans. our city and infrastructure will be given a facelift and made more accessible to the handicaps. but while doing it, hopefully money is not wasted from overdoing the unnecessary.