Sometimes back I wrote about the numerous complains of people being beaten up on the streets and that the police could not apprehend the one who caused hurt to the victims. The case of the doctor being beaten up is still vivid probably in everyone's mind. This morning I read another case of a boy being beaten up quite badly and the same response came from the police when his parent made a complain. The injury was not serious enough, ie 'no loss of life or limb' as reported in the Today paper, thus it is a non seizable offence. Is it ok now to go around beating whoever one does not like? Non seizable offence and the police cannot do anything. Just make sure the injury is not serious enough. Is there anything wrong or inadequate with our laws or is it a case of implementation? I am going to stay indoors from now on, to be safe. I am quoting this incident from a letter by a Zarina Jaffar in the Today paper.


Anonymous said...

Oh give them a break ..they already overstretched ..like video recording at hong lim park, protecting our civil servants, foreign dignataries and national assets etc

Anonymous said...

redbean, u are spot on. there is a trend abt these slapping and punching in public places. you only read abt the few that was reported.

one time i saw a group of 15 attacking 5 along the road divider in front of bugis station. the people were raining blows like hk gangster movie, only inches from a crowd of 50 pedestrians. cars stopped to watch. no weapons were used. no serious injuries, like no loss of life or limb. so maybe no big deal hmm.

there was also another fight in front of old changi theatre where a group of 10 attacked a couple some time back.

Once, I saw a fight at a hawker center and I was stupid enough to go to the station to volunteer as witness. know what, from the way they talk those characters in blue dun seems to care abt volunterism. I felt they were politely telling me to go fly kite or something. I am done volunteering!

An interesting sub-macau culture may be inevitable along with the coming casino industry, liberalisation and all. you have seen them in movies with andy lau ballads, hope you enjoy them too. Not that it matters cos nobody seems to give 2 hoots abt what you do here any more.

redbean said...

hi fellas,

this is our kopitiam for chatting. whether people care or not is not our concern. we are here to share views and engage in some healthy discussions.

but if what we say ended up with something good indirectly, good. if nothing happens, also good.