singapore year 2015

This is a fantasy trip, based on a hypothetical scenario of what the political map of Singapore can be like in Year 2015. The ruling party has won a decisive election in 6.6.06. They have done their post mortems and came to the conclusion that year 2011 and 2015 will see the post 65ers calling the shot. They must engage this new generation of voters and win them over. A completely clean slate of young and untarnished professionals were brought in as the next good thing for Singapore. Young, vibrant, active, fresh ideas and free to do whatever they think will win the young voters over. We are already seeing signs of what things will be in politics of the future. It is going to be fun politics, disco dancing, hip hoping, blogging, cyberspace, all new liftstyle things of a new world. We even have futuristic schools to give it further depth in reaching out to the population. A whole futuristic city will be built in Marina South, a name that they spent a lot of money to retain. The older politicians have made their pile and are contented to sing their karaoke and cutting CDs for sale. Some even became showbiz celebrities. The future is in the young things and these senior politicians have done what needed to be done and deserve a tranquil and bountiful life as they sail into the twilight zone. While everything is beautifully planned and executed, the unpreditable young are forever difficult to satisfy and they send in 30 opposition candidates to Parliament in 2011. Alarm signals everywhere. The leaders were fuming. More post mortems and found that they have done not enough dancing and hip hopping. So more campaigns and young things to embrace the young. All the politicians in their goldern years were retired happily to enjoy their pensions, though not quite enough in view of the rising cost of living and swiss standard lifestyle. But they made do with whatever they have. And to bring in better and more talented men, foreign talents were allowed to run for political office. Fresh faces from India, China and even Europeans were handpicked to give Singapore a new look as a global city run by global citizens. Singapore declared itself as the first modern international state. On the opposition camp, seeing that the wall had been breached, recruitment soared and many like minded professionals filled their ranks. Many of them were hungry and with a fire in their belly, not very hip but willing to fight for country and nation above self. Their slogan, Singapore for Singaporeans, became their war cry. 2015 was the turning point when the opposition won a majority and formed a new govt. Many good policies were changed. And foreigners no longer can contest in a general election. More pro Singaporean policies were re introduced. What were right and wise decisions in the past 50 years were all thrown out and belt tightening measures were necessary. Prudence and thrift were the new wisdom. Many of the super rich Singaporeans were worried that the new govt will turn to seize their hard earned wealth and many fled to India and China, the two new and prosperous democratic states. 2015 was recesion year for Singapore and the need to tighten the purse string and dig into the reserves became urgent. While the new ruling govt were spending time opening the vault to get to the nations reserves, the military men made their moves. The new govt is going to bankrupt the nation by spending the reserves and they have no choice but to step in to save the country from destruction. Martial law was declared and a new Prime Minister was appointed from the former ruling party. The military men retired to their barracks but remain as the power broker to safeguard the nation. Singapore never return to democracy till the next century like all ASEAN nations.

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