myth 78

'When age is wisdom' The 21st century is seeing a dramatic change in the belief that maturity and wisdom come with age. And age is, or was, important in how human's manage their lives, societies and countries. This pillar of age old wisdom is crumbling down since the dying years of the 20th century. During that period we have seen the rise and success of many young entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, home grown Sim Wong Hoo, the Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and now Youtube, all pointing to the power of youth. The youth has arrived. Youth signifies dynamism, vitality, creativity, freshness, impulse, derring do, spontaneity, adverturism, hip, cool, and the future. Even in the corporate scene we have seen the youth elbowing all the oldies out of their cushy jobs. And once entrenched in power, they made sure that no oldies are allowed to intrude into their newly conquered space. Senior managements are now dominated by the 40s. Soon the 30s will be knocking at their doors. Even in politics, we are seeing more brilliant young people stepping forward to run the nation. And they will run the nation and elbow out the oldies just like they have done in corporations. It is time to can the oldies. Any oldies passing 40 should give up, and forget about looking for a job. Where is there a need for people who cannot run, dance, or stand? The 21st century is the century of youth, of fun and laughters, of merriment, of living life to the fullest. There is no need for the conservative oldies to be around. Life is for living. Everyday is a celebration.

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