myth 76

'What problem?' Today I have a problem. For months I have been dwelling on some of the unpleasantness of our society which people regard as problems. This morning I am scratching my head to find a problem or issue to write about, but could not find any. Isn't that a problem? Or is that a happy problem? We no longer hear of people flying down from the highest flat or trying to stop a moving train. All the cost of living issues were resolved with so many grants and schemes to help the people. Medical cost is now affordable, and so were education and tuition fees. And the minute increment on public transport fares too was a non issue. Where else is there a problem? NKF already forgotten, no point talking about it. Minister pay also accepted as a natural thing. And the good news is that property prices are rising and people are rushing out to buy higher priced properties. These must be signs of good times are coming back. Other indications will be what the MPs are doing. If there are really a lot of problems, Parliament will be packed with MPs raising issues for the people. But with so little issues to raise, they can take a little break or go on leave. And what's better to do than go hip hopping and karaokeing! These are the pleasant things of a nation doing well. Everything going according to plans, economy doing well, stockmarket reaching new highs. Doesn't matter when commissions are reaching new lows. I am going to cut my CD with all the beautiful evergreen songs like 'What a wonderful world' or 'Yesterday' and 'Today,' 'I believe I can fly,' or 'Fly me to the Moon.' And I am going to sell them for $300 a piece, and I am very sure many people will be eager to buy them. And of course the proceed will go to charity. And every CD will have my handsome smiling face on it to keep the buyer company. Welcome to my world, ...miracles is all I have....

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