myth 73

'The truth of half truths and truths in Cyberspace/MSM' Cyberspace has been accused by the MSM as something like the twilight zone, harbouring anything but truth. And many proclaimed truths are actually half truths. Truth can only be found in the MSM, spoken by honourable and reputable people in reputable publications written by professionals. Do I need to say anything further? A cup is half full, so I say. The other party say no it is half empty. So who is telling the truth? The Emperor is not wearing anything, so say Cyberspace. The MSM sees the same thing but not saying anything? Who is telling the truth or half truth? If Cyberspace talks about the poorer 20% of the population and MSM brags about the good life of the top 20% of the population, who is telling the truth and who is telling half truth? If Cyberspace cries out for the people who find that public transport fare is expensive, and MSM quoted comparative figures of New York, London and Hongkong and concluded that our fares are cheap, who is telling the truth and who is telling half truth? Is Cyberspace only spreading half truths and MSM only telling the whole truth?

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