myth 72

'Singaporeans are great pretenders' ' Hey zebra, why are you wearing pyjamas?' The zebra was angry and said the remark was uncalled for. And as more zebras got agitated, they started to demand for an apology. But many, including Singaporeans will agree with the zebra that they are not wearing pyjamas. The issue is how many believe what they said openly and what they actually believe but not saying? How could one make out of people who would not blink their eyes and tell you that the zebra did not wear pyjamas? The statement that Singaporeans are great pretenders is unlikely to be a myth. Neither are they stupid. Many are just not saying what they really know and believe. It is more a case of no point saying it or the time is not ripe to say it. And for those who are cornered to say something, their response is obvious. The zebra is not wearing pyjamas. And they will swear in court to say the same thing, for pragmatic reasons.


Anonymous said...

There are those who remain silent through intimidation and fear. There are those who remain silent because they have given up hope and become bochap. There are those who remain silent because by remaining so they reap the rewards of the system.

Silence is golden, but who gets the gold? I do not think those at the bottom of the social ladder do. They are probably too busy trying to make ends meet. No time to bother about the bigger picture. Once in a while some crumbs would fall off the table of plenty for them to keep them happy. That is the way the rich and the powerful want it. They are in a good position, so why change status quo?

redbean said...

very good observation.

Anonymous said...

My observation is good because I am very familiar with the voices on the streets of Singapore. However, as I have been advised to speak with care, I only post occasionally on your blog. Need visa to come to Singapore so got to be careful.

redbean said...

oh i see, my good friend.

sometimes it needs a good neighbour to tell the truth to help those who are in the shit but cannot speak out: )