myth 70

'The blind cannot see' This is what everyone thinks so, that the blind cannot see. It must be or else we won't call them blind. But if one is to observe the designing of the guides for the blind in MRT stations or in shopping centres, and then try to imagine how the blind go about getting from one place to another, one cannot help but to think that the blind are not so blind. For instance the blind will be able to find their way to the MRT stations without any guides. So they must be able to see in a way. But once they are in the stations, they became blind and needed the guide to help them along, to the ticketing gates, to the lifts and to the trains. Without the guides they definitely cannot find their way around. And when they get to the platforms, they can see again. The whole platform of 50 metres length are lined with guides so that they can walk from one end to another to choose which train cabin to get in. Presumably they can see which one is empty or more comfortable. Or they can walk around enjoying the scenery high above ground level on the platform. Now, would I be made to believe that they are blind and cannot see?


jonathan said...

I believe the reason the blind need the guides only when they get on to the platform is to prevent them from falling off it onto the tracks. If I remember correctly, there are no such guides in underground stations - but then again, it's been a long time since I last went Orchard. :P

redbean said...

as one with sight, i am in no position to think what a blind would do when he/she is on the platform waiting for a train. but with sight problem, i would think that he/she would get to the nearest train door and wait for the training than wandering around the platform. definitely not to walk to another end of the platform. for what? he would not know the difference and convenience is perhaps his most important consideration.

i would think a small stretch of guides, eg 2 metres will be more than adequate. why spent so much effort and money to have 2 X 50 metres guides?