myth 69

'A govt must look after its citizen first' This is the common practice and first principle of all govt. And that is where most govt has got it wrong and got into trouble. Looking after the interest of its citizens is very important but the question is how? Many went to the extent of protecting their citizens and driving away investors. There are countries which demanded that a percentage of the shares of the company must be owned by the citizens or else no investment. In this area, Singapore can teach the world a lesson. The trick is to take care of foreigners and their investments first, including providing them with jobs. The foreign investments will bring in more jobs like the IRs. That is quite clear. It is the second part, providing jobs to foreigners that many cannot see the values from it. With more foreigners here, they will consume our services like housing, transportation, medical, schooling etc. They also eat, sleep and play and spend money here. And all these provide employment and jobs for Singaporeans. Treat foreign workers well and they will bring prosperity to the people. The benefits will be filtered down to Singaporeans at the lower levels, or downstream. Keep the foreigners out and Singapore's economy will suffer and our economic progress will slow down. The conventional wisdom of barring foreigners from our shore must be changed. We must welcome foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha...you are joking, right!

redbean said...

sometimes i joke, sometimes i serious. sometimes i dunno what i am writing : )