my article in the new paper

haha, it has seen the light...today oct 19.


Anonymous said...

is your article on your blog?

redbean said...

no, as the original version is slightly different from the published version.

in brief, after using a very conservative estimate, i used the figure of $150k as the minimum required to raise a child to a grad. this means that parents who can set aside this sum of money should not think of having children as they cannot afford it and will bring a life of misery to themselves and their children.

the cost of living demands that kind of money to give a child a normal life. and parents whose nett take home pay is less than $1600 simply cannot afford a child. they could bearly upkeep themselves.

expecting these poor parents to have more children is simply irresponsible. they will be perpetuating a life of endless poverty under normal circumstances.