more problems for muslim jobseekers

I copy the below article from http://www.littlespeck.com./ Bombers use airport workers. British bombers had a Muslim plant at Heathrow who once worked for global security firm that serviced SIA and other majors. WorldNetDaily Oct 21, 2006 One of the suspects who helped terrorists case security at London’s Heathrow was an airport employee who once worked for a security firm that serviced major airlines, including SIA, British Airways and Thai Airways. However when Asmin Amin Tariq, a Muslim convert of Asian descent, was arrested for helping British bombers in the transatlantic sky terror plot, he was working for Jet Airways, India’s leading private airline in India. He was a security guard at Heathrow. His employer, Jet Airways, has suspended him. As an airport employee in Heathrow, he was believed to have helped the terrorists to test the airport’s security. Before that he was working at Group 4 Securicor, one of the largest global networks of security operations worldwide, with 400,000 full and part-time employees. It operates in 100 countries in four continents. The United States authorities are now concerned that Al Qaeda might be using airport employees to help blow up commercial airliners. They have stepped up security checks on airport personnel G4S (earlier called Securicor) is believed to be Singapore Airline’s handler in India. Investigators say 23-year-old Tariq, who studied biochemistry, allegedly provided information about airport security procedures to bombers in the foiled plot. It's not clear if he also planned to hand off explosives materials to them in the sterile area of the airport, or perhaps plant them on board targeted aircraft. Tariq holds a British passport, investigators say. "This is precisely why you don't want so many Muslims working in airports," says former FAA special agent Steve Elson, who tested airport security as a member of the elite Red Team.....

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