more novel ideas to save water

For the hardlanders it is very important that they should save on everything. Every single cent counts and it is good that there are campaigns to help and teach them to save, including 1 litre of water a day. Actually there are many novel ways of saving waters and money. They can delay flushing their toilets if they urinate. Flush only when they shit. After all saving money is more important than a little cleanliness and a little personal hygiene. The pigstys were cleaned maybe once a week. So should be ok if people don't flush their toilet so often. Another way is to visit the neighbourhood kopitiams or MRT stations to use their toilets. That would save more water. What else can they save? When they take MRT or buses, try to alight one or two stations before the destination and walk the last leg. Walking is good too and can be regarded as an exercise. They can skip a meal a day. Now that will be big savings. About $3 a meal can be saved. If that is not enough, eat instant noodles. For 60c a pack a meal, 3 meals a day or $1.80 daily, wow, who says living in Singapore is expensive. But please don't look down on them or tell them to get out of your elite faces. They are trying very hard to live within their means. And they need to or else the next transport increase or charges on essential services will not be affordable. Please contribute your ideas to help them save more. A few cents are also important.


Anonymous said...

There we go again, moan, moan, bitch, bitch about everything!!
Never enough, always want more and more. Why do the HDB dwellers always bitch and moan whenever there is a slight increase in the bills for the essentials?? Why do they forget about the money the MIW dished out in May? Where has the money gone? Don't tell me you have already spent that for your children's education or the tuition fees. That windfall was meant to last throughout the whole of the year or maybe until 2011 when more will be given. GOD, why moan about everything??? We never hear any such ungrateful bitching for the eliteland. You hardlanders ARE SO UNGRATEFUL!!!!

Stop moaning and get on with it!!!

redbean said...

ya, i told them so. but they want to moan so what to do? better than seeing them jumping off the flat or onto the track.

but all they can do is moan and nothing else. why not just let them moan, huh?

abao said...

To moan and complain is human. If you don't like it just turn a deaf ear to it lor.

Anyways, there are more normal ways of saving water.

1. Re-use water from washing clothes to flush the toilet.

2. Use water-saving devices and showers.

And electricity.
1. Use laptops instead of desktops. Laptop Processors usually consume much less power for similar performance. (Intel Centrino 25Watts TDP, Core Duo 35W TDP, Core 2 Duo 35W TDP) Moreover, Laptops cost nearly the same as Desktops these days.

2. Use power saving lamps...blah...

Anyway, there are ways to save $ while maintaining a decent lifestyle. Its all down to where you set your standards, unless, you are jobless, then thats another story.

abao said...

btw, elfred seems to be back...

redbean said...

brush your teeth in the office. shit in the office. and bathe if possible.

stay late in the office for the aircon. and if got tv, watch tv also.