the monkey pool

The Monkey Pool In this little pool of monkies of all odds and sizes, the biggest of the lot is the orang utan. They all play in the same pool and were quite happy for some time. Then god said the water level of the pool shall rise by one cm everyday. This is small enough a change that no one will feel any discomfort. And all the monkies agree and continue to play and be merry. Soon the water is half a metre high and some of the smaller monkies were having water up to their neck and screaming for help. And god is compassionate. He throws in a couple of life buoys and some manage to cling on to them. Those who could not get on eventually were unheard of as the water level went over their heads. And surely and steadily the water level rises a little bit everyday and more of the screaming were silenced, never to be heard again. The orang utans continue to enjoy their feast and make merry. They were at the top of the packing order and have no fear. They were more than a metre tall and many other monkies would have been swallowed by the water first. They never think their turn will come. While the old voices were silenced, a new vibrancy came to the pool as more bigger monkies come visiting. It is a lively place again, a lot of oomphs. But before long, big apes also come into the scene, bigger than the orang utans. Ah Meng is no longer the grand old dame. As time goes by, Ah Meng passes the scene through old age. He did not have the chance to see the pool being taken over by the big apes. No orang utans left. They too were not tall enough. Gobalisation, some shouted. No, it is Godbalisation, some argued. Whatever it is, the monkies are no longer around. What happened to them? God knows. Finally god explained. This is the game of the big apes, designed by the big apes to be in their favour. Little monkies have no place in such games of the big apes. Orang utans too were not big enough.

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