a message for the clowns

I was reading the comments coming out from the Malaysian Circus on the LKY apology. Many were still talking about LKY's comment that it was uncalled for, insensitive, unacceptable, inciting racial feelings etc. To these circus performers, the unpleasantness of such a remark is so obvious. That no leaders should be making such comments about another country is something so natural and comonsensical. Funny thing is that when Mahathir and Malaysian politicians were hurling such remarks at Singapore, none of them say anything. And many even joined in the chorus. Did they have mirrors in the Cabinet? What LKY has done is to tell the Malaysians plain and simple. Stop making such stupid remarks. His comments and apology are to set an example for them to take note. Such remarks are, like what the clowns suddenly realised, unpleasant, uncalled for, insensitive, provocative etc etc and must not be uttered. And whoever makes such remarks must be kicked in the arse and apologise. Would the clowns be jumping around if another of their dignified member shoot off such remarks again? Or would this be the closing of a chapter of passing silly remarks at each other? Did they get the message?


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

I guess there are clowns on both sides of the causeway. I do not think the Malaysians have a monopoly in this area.

Anonymous said...

did they get the message?

i think some are still giddy.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon 9.33 pm

I haven't a clue what you are trying to say? Can you clarify please.

redbean said...

quite true to say that there are clowns everywhere. but one thing for sure, no politician on this side will dare to stand up to bash any racial group to champion his cause and bolster his political credential and career.

Anonymous said...

Why would they need to ? Chinese hegemony is complete in Singapore. At least the Chinese across the causeway have the DAP in Parliament to make some noises. The minorities in Singapore can only suffer in silence because their representatives have been co-opted by the ruling party, much like MCA and Gerakan in the BN. Of course, you being a Chinese will never understand that.

Anonymous said...

That goes to show the truth in the sayings, "those in glass houses must not throw stones", "the pot calling the kettle black".

redbean said...

the difference is that in the north when the minorities dare question anything about being marginalised they will be threatened with may 13.

and when the majority used such words, no one will say anything.

in singapore, when the minority grumbles, someone will have to listen intensely. and if any majority dares to use any uncomfortable words against the minority, not even threatening, he will suffer the wrath of the minority as well as the wrath of the majority and the govt.

khairy pointed an angry finger at the chinese and refused to apologise on the ground that he was defending his race. using the same logic, lky need not apologise at all. btu they are all screaming for apologies.

if it was not badawi, lky will say up yours. but badawi is a good man and lky is giving due respect to him. not that he needs to apologise as no malaysian leader has ever apologised when they hit out at singapore.

redbean said...

actually lky will not be rude to them. he will simply ignore them. not in his league and not worth wasting his time. just like a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

The minorities in Singapore can only suffer in silence because their representatives have been co-opted by the ruling party, much like MCA and Gerakan in the BN. Of course, you being a Chinese will never understand that.

Yea we all have our expectations and demands; like I dont see why the heck I should pay TV license fees to watch stupid local dramas that get sillier by the day. Also the shrewd govt policies constantly drive me nuts so that I think abt them alot when my wallet is bleeding and I am really frust. See, besides today's PSI, there are many things I dislike here and I am not alone too. But if there are just 2 things I am thankful for, it would be the govt's success in bonding our multiracial society and looking after the needs of our minority communities, and in nurturing the most potent armed force in the region.

These are not pies in the sky; the signs are very clear and plain for all to see.

redbean said...

Umno warns Chinese group not to play with fire
Soon Li Tsin
Oct 4, 06 6:10pm

The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) call for abolition of the 30 percent bumiputera quota in housing and commercial projects has been labelled a racial statement and Umno has warned the chamber not to “play with fire”.

this is the kind of message the malaysian chinese will get whenever an issue is raised. would any chinese dare threaten the minorities here in this kind of manner?

we talked about some sensitive issues, but would we be threatening or warning each other? we have to move along steadily and rationally and get things to change step by step. it is not an easy way to live by such a political spider web. it is so sticky to move around.

if we can engage each other and talk sensibly, over time, many things can change and will change.

Anonymous said...

"would any chinese dare threaten the minorities here in this kind of manner?"

Are you not understanding or just pretending not to ? Why the hell wold the Chinese in Singapore threaten the minorities ? The minorities do not pose a threat to them. I'll say it again. Chinese hegemony is complete in SIngapore. The minorities have no other option but to play by those rules set by the Chinese elite ruling the country if they want to continue living here. We are but a mirror image of our neighbours, with the roles reversed here.

Anonymous said...

"These are not pies in the sky; the signs are very clear and plain for all to see."

Sure, you see clear skies if you are a Chinese. Just as the Malays up north see clear skies in the skies because they are the majority there.

redbean said...

in singapore, a minority could complain about dog urine in a cab and the whole nation rose in a furore. bloggers making offensive comments against the minorities had been sent to jail.

would this happen in the north? any such complains would be be met by remarks, 'don't play with fire' or a reminder of may 13.

you have too much toddy.

redbean said...

or are you asking for affirmative actions like the nep?

Anonymous said...

No, I think you've got shit for brains. You said the Chinese in Singapore would never threaten the minorities. I asked you why should they since the Chinese are in complete control in Singapore. You chose not to answer my question but deviate the argument to a complain about dog poo in cabs. No one is asking for NEP in Singapore. All I am saying is it is all fine and dandy for you as a Chinese to claim that all is hunky dory with race relations in Singapore because you are not a minority. You can never understand and emapthise with the plight of minorities in Singapore because you don;t live as one. The truth is marginalisation of minortities happen in Singapore too. You of course wouldn't know it or rather choose not to acknowledge it. That is the cold, hard fact.

Anonymous said...

"you have too much toddy." In a previous entry, you claim you always focus on the issue and not insults. I guess you should have qualified that comment. It obviouosly does not apply when you've lost an argument.

redbean said...


i mentioned that you are still intoxicated in your view and you claimed that it is an insult. come on lah, it is just like telling you to wake up.

compare to all the statements you made, how could you feel so hurt by it? or it is the same as khairy can hurled anything at the malaysian chinese is ok. but all the malaysian chinese asked was an apology, then he became offended?

you got to be fair to be treated fairly.

Anonymous said...

Which statements did I make ? So, arguing that not everything is hunky dory with race relations in Singapore amounts to an insult ?

redbean said...

not shit is coming out. just because i did not reply is also an answer. you get it?

by not arguing over some points that you raised could mean two things, either i agree, so no need or say anything, or it is so stretched that there is no point in replying.

what do you expect me to say when you said the sun rises from the east?

did i ever say that there is no marginalisation? also you must understand the reason for marginalisation. it is not discriminating against a race for racial reasons. and some of the inequalities are a result of demography where critical mass and numbers work its own logics.

it will be terrible if the majority says because we are 70% so everything must be distributed 70% to the majority. that is discrimination by race.

Anonymous said...

"i mentioned that you are still intoxicated in your view"

The same can also be said of yourself. We each look at issues from our own perspective. When it comes to those with a racial or religious slant, emotions get mixed into the cocktail making it more lethal. You being a Chinese will insist that you are right about everyone being treated fairly becasue you don't have to go through life as a minority. Me being a minority in Singapore have to grapple with that reality everyday. So, we could both be right.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter why the marginalisation happens. The end result is still the same.

redbean said...

you just said the most basic truth. we all look at things from different perspectives. it is like half full or half empty.

in many of such issues, it is not a case of right or wrong. in politics, many solutions are compromised solutions and not reached because it is right but being expedient at that point in time. what is done today can be undone tomorrow. it is always changing.

i have never said that my views are right and neither did i said your views are wrong.