lets talk religion

We talk religion. That is what the Straits Times did today. Several pages were devoted entirely on the topic of religion and how it will affect social cohesion in a multi religious society like ours. And from some of the comments made by religious leaders of the different sects, they came out quite sensible and reasonable. Religion will always be a pricky thing given what it is and what were written in the scriptures of different faiths. I have read some of them, and unless the religious leaders are revolutionary enough to take a tough stand to expunge the divisive and racist contents in them, religion will always be a dangerous instrument that will drive men to kill each other. Read the various scriptures honestly and find out for yourself what is in there. What we see today are the sanitised versions of religion in practice while the ugly and offensive doctrines have been quitely swept under the carpet, not spoken and pretend not to exist. As long as these doctrines remain in the scriptures, they will be used as a weapon by the unscrupulous at the right moment to divide and destroy each other. What I think is important is for everyone to ask himself/herself on what is being preached to them. Are they sensible and reasonable? Or are they divisive and destructive? One easy gauge is to check on the intellectual level of the preacher. How wise is he/she? Never believe in anyone that is intellectually inferior to yourself and who is teaching you things that you are uncomfortable with. If one is intellectually superior to the preacher, there is no reason not to find your own answers in the scriptures and interpret the scriptures using your own intellect and wisdom instead of relying on the doubtful interpretation of an unwise and intellectually inferior character. The sickening part is that many are fakes or hypocrites.

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