'ignorant fools' according to eliza ng lai kuan

Religion and religious understanding and tolerance is in the limelight again. And this has prompted a reader, Eliza Ng Lai Kuan to write a letter to the Today paper chastising every 'ignorant Singaporeans' for not knowing the different religious dates and meanings of the different believers. In her view, it is totally unacceptable for people living in a multi cultural and multi racial country not to know about the culture, religion and practices of other races. Could they be or should they be? The schools are supposed to teach these subjects. There are the regular national education programmes and campaigns organised at national level. But the understanding is still very poor. Blame the people! Are we asking too much? All the children are already struggling to keep up with their exams, would they have time to memorise all the different aspects of religions and cultures that they have no interest in? Lets be realistic, many people will just want to live their own lives without a care of how other people live their lives. It may be a national objective to educate everyone in these issues, but many just do not have the time, the capacity, the memory or the interest to want to know them. How many people really know or want to know or bother to know?

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