the hsienloong dilemma

The HsienLoong Dilemma Now what shall Hsienloong do? To side with his soldier/MP or to side with the people?


Anonymous said...

I believe the PM should reflect himself. All these arise from poor leadership himself, whether one choose to agree or not. These MP leaders simply follow the leader. If PM set a good example himself, and walk the talk, the MP will do likewise. If PM keep sending cross message, MP will do likewise. If PM find that MP not up to standard, then terminate them. If not, keeping a bad egg will encourage more bad eggs. And worse bad egg protect by own legal system that use deflamation.

Frankly speaking, I do not blame WEE and other MP even they are materialistic. They are just product of society as just majority ppl are.

To change this perception, the gov should change too. Singapore is today because of what PAP is, since PAP dictate and control Singapore.

Elfred said...

Too late for him. He's surrounded himself with layers and layers of such like minded that given the management philosophy he probably inherited, it's probably a gone case.

Returning to Singapore... nightmares! Pure nightmares!

We should mull the idea for this complement class to come together, starting online.

Looking at myself, I kinda can tell this Anonymous here... you are dreaming of a change.

There won't be no real change. Besides, how much credibility does PM have left? Every calls he made are shot down by those civil masters. Not to mention, my simple case has also gone down the drain.

That Geoge Yeo is also hopelessly inflexible. You see, solving people's problem meaningfully is no winners' issues.

If we are winners, they be losers. Vice versa.

The response I got from Beyond SG, co-blog by Geoge Yeo, has already confirmed that.

Blind competition louya thinking, and these are our MPs.

Don't expect proper help from them. We have to organise ourselves to help ourselves.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty sad to hear from you that MP is incapable.

Most MP perhaps is just like us, worry about their own rice bowl than truly want to help the public. Even I read George Yeo's blog, I know that it is all wayang. Who care what he do there, we are more interested to find out what yeo's view is. Unfortunately, he is smart not to say too much political thing cause he afraid to be gun down like Wee's case. I guess he worry now as his hair is getting lesser and lesser now.

redbean said...


the real problem with this issue is that people perceived that these are the kinds of values and leadership that are treasured. humility is not needed, and leadership is to be tough and no nonsense nor compassion. if singaporeans cannot make it, get lost. and the little girl is just telling the brutal truth.

humility and compassion or appearing to be caring are only for PR purposes, not meant to be real. that is why the people are very angry.

Anonymous said...

Too right Redbean. Majority of MPs are just putting up a wayang show. If they have the interest of the people as top of their list of piorities, then they would not remain silent and become yes-men/women. How is it that no other MPs have any views of the Wee-Wee saga. I suggest they come out and make their stand. Singaporeans would like to know where their MPs stand on this issue, or are they too frighten to have a voice?

Anonymous said...

The PM doesn't even want to speak and definitely doesn't acknowledge this event. ONce a while, God expose the PAP's wayang image, and last time is Mrs Peanut of GCT's wife, now is Miss Ediot of Wee's Daugther. The PM doesn't speak because most likely he himself is like this wayang MP king. Since the election, I have been very disappointed with this PM that I stop reducing and subscribing newspaper because the newspaper now read like propaganda material. By talking about this issue, he actually wayang to his own whitie comrades. In this way, PM not only hate by commoner but also his own whities.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ppl can be elite but please don't act like ediot.

redbean said...

let's wait till hsienloong speaks. it will be interesting to know where he stands. he is caught betw supporting his elite and supporting the people.

whichever side he takes, he is going to hear a lot of noises, that is for sure.

Elfred said...

What do you mean by "no nosense"?
This is a big nosense already...
Ain't we already become some international joke...