how to tell the truth

Though it is not unexpected, I still felt terribly disappointed when I recently read that Umno vice- president Muhyiddin Yassin wanted Asli to retract its 45% bumiputera equity ownership estimation. He said the report was a challenge to the government’s integrity and described it as irresponsible and ‘rubbish’. He said the government should take action against Asli if it failed to retract the report; that Asli should also admit the report was wrong to prevent a polemic that would affect racial unity. He further said: ‘The report is rubbish and cannot be used. As a Malay, I am angry and I think it was done with malice. The report may have an agenda that aims at forming a polemic among those who believe the report to be true. They will definitely blame the government for revealing the wrong facts’. The above was quoted from an article in Malaysiakini. What it amounts to is like swearing, 'In god I shall tell not the truth and anything but the truth.'

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