the hip hop controversy

Some younger MPs are attempting to parade themselves during the 2007 Ching gay procession doing hip hop. I don't know what that is. Must be something the young is doing. To be hip, to be cool and hopping around. Why is a simple fun activity generating so much controversies? Why can't young people have fun? Oh, they are MPs and are expected to be like MPs, speak up in Parliament for the interests of their constituents. Doing hip hop, now... is that what they are paid to do? There are all kinds of perceptions and expectations by the people, all kinds of people. What is acceptable to one is not necessarily acceptable to another. What a young MP thinks is a great idea may be a great idea to some but there will also be some who think otherwise. The volume of remarks in cyberspace and MSM is still flooding in, from the complimentary to the outright rejection and cynicism. But that is what being in the limelight all about. One stands out to be recognised and will receive all the accolades and all the rotten eggs. Not everyone sees things in the same way. What is good to you is not necessary good to other people. What is affordable to you is not necesarily affordable to other people. Hip hop is good to these young MPs but some will not agree. The moral of the story is that when they are in Parliament and thinking and speaking what is good for the people, please check with the people first.


Anonymous said...

Young MPs doing the hip hop? The idea is so laughable. The govt thinks that by having these MPs doing this hip hop, they will "connect" with the younger voters? It just shows they are so removed and disconnected with the young people of Singapore. Instead of doing this silly performance they should address the more important issues such as FT invasion, jobs opportunities, better future, medical care and cost, just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

The idea that the so-called FT invasion is an important issue is even more laughable. It is only an issue for ball-less Singaporeans who are afraid of competition.