foreign talent, dual citizenship and globalisation

The issues of foreign talent and double citizenship are still hot topics and there were several letters in the Straits Times forum on these. And ICA has replied pointing to the concerns of identity and loyalty. And forum writers argued about the inconsistency of wanting to go global, wanting foreign talents and still clinging onto identity and loyalty. There are real problems of loyalty and identity which may not be vital in other countries. Take the example of our closest neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia. How are we going to rationalise loyalty to these countries and Singapore? Being close neighbours and deep historical relationships, the loyalty and identity of the people are quite confusing and blur. From the individual point of views, many with be able to tell clearly where their loyalties lie. But it is not the case to many others. Too close for comfort. And the issue for relaxing on citizenship laws especially for returning Singaporeans. We have this albatross called National Service to reckon with. A too free policy will mean that some will take advantage and stay overseas during NS years and return again. For those who have served their NS, it is good that the country welcomes them back whenever they feel like coming home. This is home, surely. The issues are not as simple, and not confined to these few points raised. Looking at them from one or two factors could make one to offer a simplistic solution. Whatever the policies, some will not be happy.

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