the firestarters busy at work

The firestarter is busy as work, scrambling and concocting all kinds of stuff just to prove that Kim Jong Il is not a liar. The US wanted desperately to prove that the detonation last monday was definitely a nuclear device and aggressive actions can be taken against North Korea. And yes, it is confirmed that traces of radioactive particles were detected, sufficient proof that the North Koreans had done it. By who? The US of course. But The Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the South Koreans, all eager to known and must know for their national interests, did not find any radioactivity around the site of the test. And it is very likely that the next country to come out with another confirmation of radioactivity will be the UK even if it has not been monitoring the situation or has not been in the area for the last 6 months. Why is the US so adamant to want to prove that the test was nuclear? Any tension is good for the arms industry in the US, that is for sure. And after starting the fire, the countries that are going to pay for the tension and possible carnage will be the two Koreas, Japan and possibly China and Russia. It is so beneficial to start a fire in somebody's backyard and let everyone else get burnt. Japan is going to pay a heavy price when the North Koreans retaliate. And it is to its interest to make sure that if there is any sanction, it is proper and not unprovoked or conceived somewhere else. Any over reaction from Japan it will have to pay dearly. And rightly the North Korean ambassador in the UN walked out after telling the parties in the meeting that the UN is no longer partial and is being led by the nose by the Americans. The UN is going to impose sanctions on North Korea without confirming if the test is a bluff or genuinely nuclear. The UN is a joke. Or more appropriately the 'statesmen' handling the Korean issue.

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