the east asian nuclear club

While the cry for intervention and war against North Korea is being hyped by the Americans for their own good reasons, the East Asian countries know that it is for their own good that war should never occur in their soil. Any modern war involving big regional powers is going to be very devastating and the consequences are unthinkable. Let their leaders be wise enough and not be led by the Americans into a suicidal war among themselves. The confirmation by North Korea that it has successfully conducted an underground nuclear test today has seen calls for Japan, South Korea and even Taiwan to go nuclear. This arms race is going to increase the risk for Japan. Balancing against a North Korea is bad enough. If Japan goes nuclear, it cannot stop South Korea from doing so. Taiwan is either the dark horse or the joker in the pack. If all takes the nuclear road, Japan will now have to grapple with a more complicated situation as all the other countries, including Taiwan, are potential enemies of Japan. A nuclear North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan will give Japan a big headache. The only beneficiary in this nuclear stand off is North Korea. The Japanese and South Koreans and the Chinese, must find a solution to placate the North Koreas even to increase aid to the North against the American provocative position. War is not an option. The carrot is the only sensible alternative and collectively they need to make an offer that the North Koreans find it difficult to resist. The Americans can continue to beat their war drums. The East Asian states must find an amicable peaceful solution for their own future.

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