deception is good for the soul

Deception is good for the soul. NUS is now ranked 19th among the great universities in the world by Times. Everyone is happy. NUS is now a great university. No body bothers to question the criteria that put NUS up there. Only those that find the criteria rather silly would dismiss the findings as another crap. And Newsweek came out with a different set of criteria and the ranking were all different. The accounts people were very good at juggling numbers and creative accounting to make a company looks good. Academics can be equally brilliant to set their own criteria to make themselves look good. I too can set up a set of criteria to make NUS Number One. As long as NUS is Number One, that is all people want to know. NUS can even be Number One in the Guinness Book of World Record or in Sotong's Book of World Best, doesn't matter. NUS is Number One. Now the reality. Even if today NUS is ranked Number One and Cambridge or Harvard are ranked 50th and 51st, where would students choose to study? Or would people care that there is a NUS that is ranked Number One?

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