corporate wayang

There were many letters to forums calling for a review of the cost of public transport after the brilliant idea of season pass was conceived. Never mind that it was nothing new and has been adopted in the more developed countries all over the world. However, from the official quarter, it was a deafening silence. No one is willing to risk his neck to say anything. It must have been seen as unwise to do so. All the champions of the people must know that some things can be championed, some cannot. Singapore is indeed a corporate state. Everything is corporate, even culture and politics. And everyone is playing the role in a corporate wayang. Wait for the signal and see who says what. Then take the cue and speak loudly or hide in a corner, don't say anything. And nothing else will be spoken about a comprehensive season pass that will really benefit the lower income group, not unless someone who calls the shot, or of a renowned standing comes out and say something. This is the realpolitik of Singapore.

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