bushism, a new world religion

What is Bushism? It goes something like this...Whoever believes in me shall be my friend forever. The little other details include creating lies and the believers must believe without questioning, and telling the believers not to believe in facts and pretend that they are not true. Take an example, by today, almost anything that needs to be known about the lies that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD have been revealed. There is no WMD and the intelligence reports were fabricated to justify the invasion of Iraq. Another example is the detonation of a nuclear device by North Korea. The American State Department said they would not recognise North Korea as a nuclear power. So North Korea is not a nuclear power. So Bushism believers will believe that Saddam Hussein possesses WMD and North Korea is not a nuclear power. Bushism is attractive as it means one is a friend of a new god and is blessed. But the most dangerous part of this belief is that many people around the world really believe that Saddam Hussein did possess WMD and the intelligence reports on it were true. Also, North Korea is not a nuclear power so does not possess any nuclear weapons. And as long as the believers blindly believe in what they are told to believe, everyone is happy, especially this new god.

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